In parties to apply the rules, you do not understand, even as an interested voters. In the series “call …” is trying to TIME ONLINE, the inner life to illuminate. Ole von Beust, from 2001 to 2010, the first CDU mayor of Hamburg, who now works as a policy adviser, explains what the choice of Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer means for the CDU.

TIME ONLINE: 18 years and has led Angela Merkel, her party, the CDU. How do you feel now, are you wistful?

Ole von Beust: for Me personally it goes well. I was moved and touched by the speech of Angela Merkel. This is also an Episode of his own life, the ends. And then, I was pleased, secondly, that Annegret Kramp-won Karrenbauer. I had pronounced already in the run-up for you.


von Beust: You have to separate content and style. When the content is in some respects much more conservative than I am, for example in case of marriage for All. But in your speech you brought your style to the point, as you said, strength in conflicts come from the inner attitude and not the volume. The I guess. In times where we are on the world stage of the alpha male is surrounded by is important.

Ole von Beust

from 2001 to 2010, the first mayor of Hamburg and now works as a policy Advisor in Berlin.

Zeit ONLINE: Is the CDU, therefore, not ripe for a controversial candidate, such as Friedrich Merz, it would have been?

von Beust: I think so. For many, it was ultimately a balance between Emotion and reason. Merz touched on the Emotion. He is spontaneous and quick-witted. But reason says that he is more of a single fighter. And we are now in need of a team player.

TIME ONLINE: What role has played the a view to a possible candidacy for Chancellor? Kramp-Karrenbauer is in the population more and more popular, she has the election campaign, and government experience.

von Beust: The has played a large role. Delegates read the polls, and have clearly shown that Kramp-Karrenbauer was in the popularity in the population prior to Merz. Also what is the Open coalition options, the hope is that it covers a wider range.

TIME ONLINE: next state elections in three Eastern German States. Merz, the hopes of many, it would have had an easier time.

von Beust: I see things differently. Merz is conservative, but he embodies also the wealthy, West German Elite.

TIME ONLINE: Merz has promised to halve the AfD. Why don’t you believe him?

von Beust: I believe him that he wants to. Such a goal can be formulated as a rhetorical measure. But that’s why the voters don’t come back to us. The Problem we have with the AfD, is not the lack of conservatism. It is distrust of the Elite – what one sees, incidentally, in the case of right-wing populists everywhere in the world. And if the CDU would then have a party leader who embodies everything that makes an Elite, it will be difficult. Even if some of the Eastern German land associations had placed their hope in Merz, he would have a much harder time than Kramp-Karrenbauer.

TIME ONLINE: What makes you so sure?

von Beust: An example: The idea of Merz, to take shares for retirement, is not a stupid proposal, the idea there was more. Then he said, you could start with small contributions, about five Euro a day. But the 150 Euro a month – for many people, this is not a small amount, but a lot of money. Merz is impulsive. He says what he thinks. That is what makes him likeable. But Kramp-Karrenbauer is closer to the Concerns of the so-called little people.

TIME ONLINE: Has divided the three-way battle for the party leadership of the CDU?

von Beust: The election campaign has invigorating cast. But something like that can also bring injuries from the losing side. Not a few have asked, Yes, a completely different output. In this respect, it will now arrive, even the losers wise to include in the new management team. Therefore, Please Kramp-Karrenbauer at Merz, to remain in the tip policy. And so also your choice of Paul Ziemiak, the chief of the Junge Union, the Secretary-General. A wise choice. We Ziemiak had set out publicly, he will choose Spahn or Merz. On the other hand, he is totally loyal and will work together with Kramp-karrenbauer.

TIME ONLINE: Ziemiak exactly how Kramp-karrenbauer, a bad result. What does this mean for the new leadership team?

von Beust: This is not a Problem, especially not after such intensive staff engagement. The acid test comes two years from now.

TIME ONLINE: How can the keep manage, so many different positions on the party tip?

von Beust: I grew up in a Union, in the Norbert Blüm for the Social status, Rita Süssmuth, for the Liberal, Alfred Dregger for Law-and-Order and Franz Josef Strauss for the national-conservative. And above it all floated Helmut Kohl. This is the model of success. Today, the CDU has in terms of personnel open flanks in the area of economy, in the digitization, and in the big cities. The need to be close.

TIME ONLINE: Merz has his supporters now being asked to endorse Kramp-karrenbauer. They are the consequences?

von Beust and The CDU is a leadership loyalty to the party. Once selected, has the Chance to work in peace.

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