It was in the summer of 2009. In the press room of the Roman Foro Italico Bob Bowman sat, and announced before the assembled sporting press: When the world swimming Association Fina ends of the lift-to-hire high-tech suits would not prohibit that in those days the world Cup into a Farce, then he’ll report his protégé never again for an international Competition.

half A year later, the suits were banned.

Bob Bowman was the coach of Michael Phelps. Superstar from the USA, record-breaking Olympic champion. Micheal Phelps – at the time the sport of swimming. Paul Biedermann had beaten him at the world Championships in Rome, Britta Steffen named with two world records to crawl the Queen. But the world Cup, the Olympic games before and after that, they carried only a name: Micheal Phelps.

It is the athletes that make a championship a Competition cheer, the spectators on the grandstands and in front of the TV. So you would think that it is the athletes who hold all the strings in the Hand, when it comes to their Sport, because: no athletes, no Show, no lucrative TV and sponsorship contracts.

But, of course, the athletes, the everyday drudgery and the hardships especially to start in again on the biggest stage of them all. Since the Fina comes into play. The world swimming Association manages the dreams of world Championships and Olympic Games. And so far, they could still build on it, that the athletes would come to an end.

The world governing body his players in the lurch

an unprecedented Anti-Doping wave of protests as the Games of Rio let loose wegignorieren. Finally, the resignation of the resigning Michael Phelps was there.

The Fina is not tired to emphasize, you have only the Best for the athletes in the sense of irritated, but again and again, with lax and star-friendly Anti-Doping policy. Or you are upset with TV contracts, due to the Olympic Finals in the early hours of the morning (Beijing 2008, Tokyo 2020), this time of the night (Rio 2016) will be called. Or you are frustrated with disproportionately low prize money. Part I, support for the time-consuming and a little amicable sport of swimming.

All of that promises the International Swimming League ISL. The professional League wants to pay the athletes in the centre, you are not only professional market, but also 50 percent of the revenue of a new competition series in which athletes share, want signing bonuses and salaries.

The plans have already been many prominent and loud advocates, including the Olympic champion, Adam Isle of Jura and Cate Campbell. But here was long in question, as far as the best swimmer in the world in the fight for your right would go, especially since the Fina Championships with Lock for world or games to have threatened.

A thunderous response, has now given up a Trio of three-time Olympic champion Katinka Hosszu: you have submitted in the USA a class action lawsuit, with the help of which you challenge, the international competition monopoly of the Fina.

The world swimming Association, speculated for decades with the Dreams of those whose interests he is actually in the center. Now, however, Fina has provoked with her self-centered stubbornness of a fight, you can’t wegignorieren so easy. Hosszu, Isle of Jura and Campbell are not Michael Phelps. And yet, Without them, these Stars of the swimming sports next-final show of the Fina would be a sad event.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.