The International Olympic Committee IOC is facing a new scandal. Against the President of the Japanese Olympic Committee, Tsunekazu Takeda, were initiated in France under investigation for active corruption in the awarding of the 2020 Olympic games to Tokyo. A report in the French daily newspaper “Le Monde” confirmed the authorities in France.

The 71-year-old Takeda, who is also elected IOC-member, is suspected to have the award with a bribe in the amount of almost two million Euro influenced. The money is said to have received the Consulting company Black Tidings in Singapore, is in conjunction with the Senegaler Papa Massata Diack.

identification procedures already in December

launched by The French state prosecutors announced that the investigation on the basis of “active corruption” already on 10. December of last year have been launched against Takeda.

The IOC referred to the presumption of innocence. You have close contact with the French authorities and will continue to monitor the Situation, said the Association on a request from the sports information service. Takeda rejected on Friday all the blame.

Diack should have the choice of Rio de Janeiro as the venue for the 2016 Olympic games influence on the vote taken. Since 2015, he is on the wanted list of Interpol, the Senegal denied a delivery.

suspected already since the beginning of 2017

The suspicion that Takeda has taken to influence the awarding of the Olympic games, has been in place since 2017. Takeda had been interviewed at the beginning of the year by the French authorities to the payment. After that, the Japanese Olympic Committee had set up a Commission, the Takeda, but from the suspicion of bribery relieved.

The nearly two million euros had been paid for the services of Consultants, stated the investigators. The money is to be paid in 2013 in two Installments, one in July, one in October. In September 2013, Japan was to host the Olympic games is selected.


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