His stories are of life, hunger, and unfulfilled love, of doom and death and the devil. And you play in a world in which the ancient law of Eating and being Eaten is the most valid of all the to Survive. Because the metropolis of Mexico city, Guillermo Arriagas finals roll with him a poisoned jungle beyond all order, in the an army of hunters and hunted over the heat-shimmering roofs is wrong in a war that knows no winners and no end.

In its prices was showered with screenplays to the guilt-and-atonement-epics of his compatriot Alejandro González Iñárritu, Guillermo Arriaga, designed repeated game types, this inclusion of holes through the seventh Sets. The result was debut films such as iñárritu’s “Amores Perros” 2000: a strong, large-scale urban Narrative triptych, of which the protagonist driven into a violent, corrupt police officers are Mistaken and fanatical preachers populated cesspool with break-ins, illegally organised cockfights and dog fighting or to keep the sale gepantschter drug water try.

a total of three films, iñárritu’s delivered in 1958 in Mexico city, Mexico-born Guillermo Arriaga, the book templates. And his contribution to the success of iñárritu’s earlier, not all of the contradictions of Mexican society, as in the burning glass, a bundle of the trilogy low. You read about his 2001 published novel, bastard “The sweet scent of death”, so it’s understandable why. Therein Arriaga portrays the example of the murder of a young woman as image in a mighty Horde morale of unemployed Villagers to lie to each other and do not cheat to go right for the jugular.

author Guillermo Arriaga

Now, Arriaga returns with his 745-page epic “The Wild” in the godless world of “Amores Perros”. Where for him self, as a 13-year-old street fighter in a battle, his sense of smell lost, once it all began: in the district of Unidad Modelo in the in the book a handful of people under a toxic Smoghimmel unsuccessfully to salvation alternates. And where children are merciless avenger. As Juan loses early, the entire family – and it just feels anger and decides: “I’m going to be wild. I will not be stopped. If I have to avenge, I will avenge me.”

Dark determined until the last Halali

on this basis, Arriaga reveals a pitiless Meditation on the beast man. Because those in the center of the two space-filling, as last art fully Interdigitated narratives, are two of the same shock. On the one hand, the 17-year – old Juan Guillermo, is in the Mexico of the sixties, after the murder of his Idol, his older brother, Carlos, out for revenge and the taming of a wolf-dog’s last fulfilment of hopes.

On the other side of the snow-covered Expanses of Canada at the end of Inuit Amaruq, which is driven by the idea of fighting a Wolf named Nujuaqtutuq – which means as much as “The Wild” – to hunt and to kill. But as he stands in front of the injured and of the Hatz emaciated Wolf eventually, he believes, to behold in the animal and the returned soul of his grandfather, decides not to kill him – and to tame instead.

DISPLAY Guillermo Arriaga:

From the Spanish by Matthias Strobel

Klett-Cotta, 746 pages, 26 Euro

“We are like primitive tribes, who are displaced from their culture and their orientation, and their lives have lost,” the American Horsemen Cormac McCarthy again with an eye on the people today. In the case of Guillermo Arriaga, 30 years later: “the greater the control, the more shoots smolder in the depth. But where the order of leaves, blooms the Worst in people.”

By the process, destruction and death-making of this order leave be escalating Anti-hero epic. Hard and uncovered, he unrolled his own socialization between drug – and Chinchilla-Commerce, fast Sex, and the short life and Die on the roofs of Unidad Modelo.

He shows Juan Guillermo as a juvenile revenant McCarthy’s Cornelius Suttree of the novel “Lost” on the rooftops of Mexico city – in the center of a story about the archaic, indomitable ferocity in the people. The is strong! And the punch line of a great novel, the Creator of whistles to all the formal rules and instead, dark, determined blows to the final Halali.

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