around Christmas, some men are just too thin. In the corner of a Hamburg promotion Agency is a stack of red belly pad Strap-on, and also athletic built men can make a convincing Santa Claus. Of clothes rails red and white plush goods, angel wings depends on are red-and-gold Baroque armchairs.

And on his Webshop owner Jan Mitja Biehl “Christmas staff rents”, of course with the appropriate accessories. A conversation about equality of opportunity, beards, and special requests. Mr. Biehl, how many Christmas performances you will give in a year?

Jan Mitja Biehl: we are Now in the fourth year, and business is booming. The experiences have shown that we may expect again this year to the 1000 Postings. those Who book? And what is the customer-the fun cost?

Biehl: With a fashion chain, we make alone, a quarter of a million Euro turnover, which have. on all advent Saturdays in 47 branches, Santas, angels and imps, the full program Private people spend on average maybe 250 Euro, commercial customers Twice. Mainly it comes to Christmas celebrations, but also the classic Department store Santa Claus. What is the most popular?

Biehl: The fat old man with a real long white beard. but also the most expensive. Most people opt for a cheaper performer with an artificial beard. The Premium Santa Claus is more for TV commercials and advertising booked measures. Our personnel database has 38,000 entries. Many work as hostesses and promoters for us and then also in the Christmas business on the go. The Premium men’s working but a bit different, have their own Websites and run their own calendar. You have to book in the summer, in order to have a Chance. There is a code of conduct for your Christmas men: The are not allowed to eat, drink, and curse.

Biehl: Yes, the order, and the performer must, of course, fit well together. We also have great Events This year, one is to speak of our Santas at the Mariah Carey concert on the big stage, and there must also be English. Since you can’t send any. And even in private it would be fatal if the children would see that the Santa Claus light after the Mess in the front yard, a cigarette, or in sneakers instead of boots. It just doesn’t fit into the picture. is A Santa Claus, you can book with them starting at 169 Euro, a premium performer with a real Beard will cost 349 euros. How much does the cast hang out?

Biehl: That depends on the constellation, on the experience and the references. Premium Christmas men earn really well, which can be up to 400 Euro. A simple cast to get an industry-standard hourly wage. There is also a difference whether you leave from a Tour, or a longer single event. , they offer “sexy Christmas angel” and “sexy Christmas woman” as a performer, but not a sexy Santa. Why?

Biehl: Well, Yes. We have a “performers in a cool, modern Santa costume”. does not apply But you as “sexy”.

Biehl: The Sexy theme is more likely to celebrate for Christmas. Then this is more desirable. Since it is a little looser, since the Santa Claus of a complaint, those who refill never the coffee maker or incorrectly on the employee Parking lot to Park. But that doesn’t explain why women are sexy, cool, men.

Biehl: We will comply with the market: the demand is. I don’t know if a sexy Santa Claus would be posted. you can Capture actually the skin color of your cast?

Biehl: no. We can filter our promoters to 80 different indications and the Christmas men even more so – because we really all the way up to the belly size and beard length. The colour of the skin we not collect. Last year, we sent an Indian Santa Claus to a German-Turkish family. , The cheapest male Santa Claus is still more expensive than the most expensive female Christmas actress. Why?

Biehl: This is because of the costumes. Our Santa Claus costumes we have in England to manufacture, are really expensive – angel costumes are just as elaborate. As an old white fat man, you can do so for you. What chance would an old white fat woman?

Biehl: Oh that could work as an angel. Why not? The main thing, she is fond of children and can embody your message in a convincing way. Really expensive it will be, once again, the accessories: The Santa Claus throne fails with up to almost 300 Euro to rent. For the same money you can find the exact same furniture on the Internet to make a purchase.

Biehl: , The furniture must be the Rest of the year in storage and on time. And of course, the Transport per forwarding Agency is included. The costs also. But this is in fact rather part of a total package for commercial customers. What is the most expensive Extra?

Biehl: Lively reindeer. We can get, but the beat of around 2000 euros to rent.

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