speed cameras in Germany is a good purpose: they are intended to prevent the rage on motorways and Federal roads, as well as in the cities. Nevertheless, they provide for car drivers, there is always Trouble. By using the Online map service Google Maps the driver will be in the future, before the speed monitoring warned. The U.S. side, “Android Police reports”.

In the United States and the United Kingdom reported that users of the navigation service in December, that they were able to enter the discovered control units. Also in Germany, some of the test persons have spotted the new feature.

The new features are, however, controversial. Messages about speed controls are prohibited in some countries. Whether the new Service can therefore, in all the States to establish, is unclear. The map service Waze, owned since 2013, also to Google, warns his clients in front of the camera.

Worldwide, according to Google, more than a billion people Google Maps. Currently, extensive Updates are in the works. In addition to the flash messages are to be delivered in the future, additional information about traffic jams and accidents.


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