The portals, Ebay and Ebay classifieds occasionally serve as hubs for illicit Goods such as asbestos-containing boards or refrigerators with the banned chemical CFC.

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finally, the MIRROR had reported about the illegal trade in pharmacy-only medicines. However, do not appear to be the only problematic article on the portals. A spokesman for Ebay explained that the company is well-known that asbestos-containing plates were on offer. However, the products would not demand “a pleasing way, so that the attempt to sell these on Ebay classifieds, as a rule, into the Blank” would be.

Both Ebay and Ebay classifieds profess delete prohibited offers to opportunity and to work with governments.

Although all Ebay offered fiber cement boards do not contain asbestos. Sure, a buyer may not exclude it from the distance, however, because he would have to know about the exact year. Ebay is also the potential danger from old CFC-containing refrigerators. In the case of the devices it was often items of furniture. Therefore, you would be offered from the outset, under the heading of “Retro” and not to Cool used. A member of staff, argued Ebay, it is hardly possible to examine the devices on CFCs, because of the need for a suitable expertise is necessary.

Recently, the illegal trade in medicines on the Internet had risen from private individuals. People to offer prescribed or over the counter dispensed, but unused medicinal products on platforms such as Ebay or Ebay classifieds. The seller will commit a criminal Offence, since individuals may not act with pharmacy-only medicinal products.

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