The Germans are sending back your Internet purchases, always more frequently to the online retailer. Every eighth online purchase will, in the meantime, settled back, reported the “world” with reference to a result of a representative survey conducted by the digital Association Bitkom.

Therefore, the returns-ratio increased in the past two years by 20 percent. It was two years ago, ten percent of all Online purchases that would be sent back, it is now twelve percent. About one in seven Respondents returned more than a quarter of all purchases.

“The return to quotas in special categories of goods such as clothing very high and rise from year to year,” said Julia Miosga, head of sector, trade and logistics, in the Bitkom. In fact, many customers ordered their clothes online in several sizes to take home a selection. The Berlin-based retailer, Zalando, about talk of a return rate of approximately 50 percent. This is a good average.

For the online retailer, the shopping habits be a costly affair. “Often the treatment is connected to the re-sale of returned goods with a lot of effort,” said Miosga. “Returns don’t mean for the provider, finally, only a loss of revenue, they also result in personnel and process costs, in order to examine the returns and in the stock.”


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