However, in 2009, the major shareholder of Swiss francs with the insolvency of the trade group Arcandor to a financial Disaster. And there was a dispute. With people from a once noble circles, for about the previous precious bankers from Sal. Oppenheim. Schickedanz celebrated this Saturday (20. October) 75. Birthday. She looks back on a life full of highs and lows. In business as in private.

From a billionaire to a housewife

The financial story in a nutshell: Schickedanz agreed that source from Fürth – long one of the most well-known brands in Germany – 1999-with Karstadt to KarstadtQuelle merged group. The then operated in 2007 as Arcandor. Schickedanz has been a major shareholder in, pumped more and more money into the already battered Essen group. At the end of 2009, the lights went out. On the day of the insolvency Schickedanz should be collapsed. They had staked everything on one card and lost.

Madeleine Schickedanz is expressed hardly in Public. In the summer of 2009 it caused even more of a stir than the "image" said: If failure of the Arcandor bailout and the banks make their loans due, you’ll lose everything – houses, stocks, and corporate investments. Legendary is her description at the time: "We live from 500 to 600 euros a month. We also buy at the discount store. Vegetables, fruit and herbs we have in the garden."

In Cologne, she complained a few years later, before the district court, the spectacular civil proceedings started by the end of 2012. Among other things, of its former financial advisors Josef Esch and the leadership of their former Bank Sal. Oppenheim, she demanded to 1.9 billion euros. This would have created your assets against your will risky and squandered – what is disputed by the defendant.

At the end of Schickedanz part got about a settlement of only a fraction. According to information from the German press Agency it was a medium two-digit million amount, especially of the Deutsche Bank, the struggling cash house Sal. Oppenheim had taken.

father: "No real relationship to money"

Schickedanz came in 1943 in an air RAID shelter in a Nuremberg clinic for the world. She was the only child of the shipping house’s founder, Gustav Schickedanz, the source fell to you. After a few semesters, Madeleine Schickedanz, she broke her degree in business administration. In 1965, she married for the first Time, Hans-Georg Mangold. Also her second husband Wolfgang Bühler was in the group. Her third husband, Leo Herl was a member of Supervisory Board at Arcandor. Schickedanz led the life of a super-rich. Villas in Spain or St. Moritz, a property in the Franconian town of Hersbruck. You have "no real relationship to money," said her father.

What about the return of the living Ex-drawn-billionaire-and-white, comes from their statements before the court. In Cologne you gave to Protocol: "I took care of only my children." From the first two marriages she has four children. As a professional, she gave in court in 2014: "house wife".

In the same year, at the Essen infidelity trial against the Ex-Arcandor-Chef Thomas Middelhoff, described Schickedanz as a witness: "I was never ambitious." Even if you had been a shareholder, you’ve exercised, however, in the group with no Power. "My influence was never great. My life was always dominated by my children."

a Little Overview of the group rescue

The image that you sketched in Cologne how to eat: you do not have surveyed Attempts to group rescue, borrowing or stock purchases often – and endorsed what was presented to her. "I don’t know what I signed everything." That was a mistake, said Schickedanz in the spring of 2014 as a witness in the criminal proceedings against the Ex-chief of Sal. Oppenheim.

The Ex-billionaire is so rarely seen in Public, in the media as "referred Phantom". Her few appearances were persecuted halls in the court, therefore, particularly accurate. There seemed to be a little awkward, soft-spoken. Often she could not remember. But when it came to her children, she was sure, wedding days, birth days she had in mind. to carry

Hard, she had the leukemia disease, her youngest daughter, which could be cured after a long treatment. At the heart Schickedanz is had her Foundation for children with cancer, which she writes on the Homepage – 1990 "personal reasons".

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