Shown above is RaiDrive software developed by OpenBoxLab. The firm plans to offer the popular software to non-for-profit organizations free of charge for 12 months. Photo courtesy of OpenBoxLab

RaiDrive will be provided free of charge for 1 year

OpenBoxLab said on Feb. 18 that the Korean outfit will offer its RaiDrive software free of charge to non-for-profit organizations (NPOs) for 12 months. After the period, it will be provided at just 10 percent of its price.

RaiDrive is a cloud storage gateway software, which makes it possible to access Google Drive, Naver Mybox, Dropbox, and AWS S3 from any computer.

Once the program is installed, it creates a file on the user’s computer with a copy of all files in the cloud. When users upload any files, the newly-created file will be automatically updated.

The software is highly convenient because the sync works in both directions. It also makes cloud storage or network-attached storage a network drive.

OpenBoxLab CEO Kim Jong-ho said that its corporate social responsibility activities will help many NPOs, which work hard in the era of the virus outbreak.

“Thus far, we have received many requests to use RaiDrive. And we launched subscription services for the educational version of RaiDrive last year,” Kim said.

“These enabled us to start good-will activities of offering the software to NPOs. We hope RaiDrive will be able to help form a warmer ‘cloud world’ down the road.”

Established in 2015, OpenBoxLab is an info-tech solution service company. It developed RaiDrive and distributed it free of charge beginning in January 2017.

Two years later, it came up with a professional version of the software to make revenues.

It supports a total of 28 languages. Almost 1 million people from across the world are using RaiDrive. The number of its average user amounts to some 330,000 on average.

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