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in Brussels, policy Advisor to the EU for the case of a Brexit, without the agreement enters into force, a tough stance against the British.

together, the EU should pay to work with the UK and then only to relieve the worst problems of such a “No-Deal”Brexit-if the British were willing your outstanding contributions to the EU Budget.

“The EU would not view it as a hostile act, if the United Kingdom complies with its financial obligations,” writes the Director of the Brussels think-tank Bruegel, Guntram Wolff, in a paper, the MIRROR. “I would recommend that the EU and the Bundestag for this case, to make the emergency measures for no concessions.”

Wolff, who will introduce his Expertise on Monday in the European Affairs Committee of the Bundestag. The parliamentarians involved in your hearing with the consequences of Brexit for the case that there is no exit agreement.

A little bit of help May before the vote

This scenario is not far-fetched. The British house of Commons will vote on Tuesday afternoon on the withdrawal of the contract, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, with the other 27 EU countries. Currently it looks like May will get a majority.

In Brussels, was tried until the very last, to help May, before the vote a little, but the possibilities for this are limited. So the British government wants a Letter to the EU leaders to reaffirm once again that the controversial Emergency rule for the Northern Irish border, according to the will of the EU is not a desirable scenario and wanted to quickly come to an agreement on future relations, to make this emergency mechanism superfluous.

Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, had such action, in Brussels since the days will be discussed on Friday, officials from Brussels and London tried to find formulations.

The only Problem is that such a letter is not the content go on clarifications to the exit of the Treaty decided by the heads of state and government at the summit in December. If the Write is not sufficient, therefore, to counter the concerns of many British parliamentarians against Mays Deal is unlikely. The more you busy in Brussels in the past weeks with the “No-Deal scenario”.

The No-Deal scenario for Germany

such A scenario could be, especially for Germany, not as expensive as the Bruegel shows paper. Alone for the Rest of the current funding period until end of 2020, the Budget would be> in the EU 16.5 billion Euro is missing rest of the members make up for the money would need to Germany for about 4.2 billion euros would in this case, as the Bruegel-writing people. The Germans, more spending, more revenue from customs duties in the amount of about 200 million euros were only stated in the Expertise.

The EU Commission had presented in December a package of projects, which the community is for the case of No-Deal-Brexit want to prepare for. Also, the Federal government has several laws on the way to the case of a Brexit, without agreement, to prepare, among other things, it comes to tax issues. The appropriate laws must be passed by the Bundestag now until the end of March.

Also, the trade relations would be pulled in the event of a Brexit, without agreement, is unavoidable in the Bruegel paper. Without agreement, there is no transition time. The United Kingdom would be treated from one day to the other like a normal third state, the rates and rules of the world trade organization WTO would apply. For German cars that are exported to the UK, this would mean an average premium of ten percent , States the paper. How big the people will be economic harm in the end, depends on the researchers, if and when the EU and the UK could agree in the future on a trade agreement.

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