Who overtakes a cyclist, you need to keep 1,5 Meter distance, or just wait. However, this rule motorists – if at all – usually only if the cyclists are on the street and not on a cycle lane on the road.

This behavior is according to a report of a traffic law Professor Dieter Müller, however, is not in conformity with the law. The distance applies, “regardless of the arranged nature of the Cycling guide” – so also, if cyclists ride on a bike path or a protection strip. The distance cannot be complied with, the applicable prohibition of “de facto Overtaking”.


it follows from the case law, as well as the principle of traffic safety as the main principle of road traffic regulations. For all cyclists, the same should be complied with distance – otherwise the protective purpose of the Radstreifens traffic into the opposite. In order, the opinion given by the influence of accident research of the insurers (UDV).

In practice, leads to this interpretation of the law, especially for Trucks and buses are not allowed to pull cyclists in many places in the past. Instead, you have to drive behind them until the oncoming lane for an Overtaking maneuver.


“The report confirms our long-held interpretation of the law,” said a spokeswoman for the Bicycle club ADFC. Clarification on the rule, not rich, it’s consequences would have to follow. The police had to sanction the use of distance when Overtaking fairs and motorists to protect cyclists. “In Germany it is almost normal, Cycling on the roadway as a noise factor in exercise, you push or honked at.”

lack of safety distance, according to the ADAC not a Problem

The motorist Association ADAC does not see lack of safety distance when Overtaking as a pressing Problem. The case of insufficient lateral distance for a direct accident is rarely the cause, said an ADAC spokesman.

The real Problem intersections, junctions and access roads, where about 70 percent of the urban Cycling accidents happen”, said the spokesperson”. So-called “Dooring”accidents due to carelessly opened car doors are a bigger risk. The ADAC recommends to the local authorities, cycle lanes and protective strip wider.

especially in contrast to bike lanes, on – only a broken line marked protective strip to be while Overtaking dangerously, however, said UDV-Director Siegfried Brockmann. Drivers would overtake a cyclist there is often a lot narrower than permitted. Bock’s conclusion: “Cycling policy, based on wide use of a protective strip, is missed.”

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