It ran the 56. Minute, in the French Cup match between Paris Saint-Germain and Racing Strasbourg, as Moataz Zemzemi made literally hunt for PSG Star, Neymar. Three times Zemzemi joined his opponents in the legs, before the Brazilian went to ground. Neymar returned the favor by he lobbed the Ball after the subsequent free-kick over Zemzemis head. Shortly thereafter, he had to be hurt replaced.

Paris won the game 2:0, but the joy of the Cup in the first knockout round was marred by the failure of neymar’s. First investigations revealed “a new painful lesion of the fifth right metatarsal bone” as PSG confirmed. How long Neymar will be is not yet clear. A year ago, he sustained a hairline fracture on his right foot, needed surgery and missed last season, for the entire second half.

“The doctor is concerned, Neymar is not worried, because it is the same foot and the same point,” said PSG coach Thomas Tuchel and complained that his Superstar will not be better protected. “In the Situation he was fouled three times, and the referee did nothing,” said Tuchel. In fact, whistle of the Impartial – but only as Neymar after the third Kick to the ground went.

“This is just mockery”

Staßburg coach Thierry Laurey (R) took Neymar after his replacement on the sidelines in the reception

Tuchel Strasbourg coach colleague Thierry Laurey took his players and spoke to Neymar to blame the fact that he is fouled often. “There are moments in which you have to assume that it Occurs in one or two takes, if you overdo it too much,” said Laurey. “I have not told my players that they should enter Neymar, but I understand that you have enough of it, and to be provoked.”

As an example, he stated that Neymar, in contrast to other top-players – in situations with the hoe games, in which the not necessary. “This is just mockery,” said Laurey. “If Neymar does something like that against Manchester United, he will get the same reaction. This should not surprise anyone.” 12. February hits PSG in the quarter-finals first leg of the Champions League to the Red Devils.

Strasbourg’s midfielder Anthony Gonçalves said: “This is neymar’s style. Anyone who plays, you can’t complain if he is trampled. He is a great player, I respect him. If he has fun, he can make it, you must not afterwards whining.”


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