Turkish court of appeal has confirmed the condemnation of the Turkish opposition politician Selahattin Demirtaş. The court in Istanbul confirmed the prison sentence of four years and eight months, said his lawyer Kerem Altıparmak. Demirtaş was on 7. Sentenced in September because of “terrorist propaganda” four years and eight months in prison. With the confirmation of the judgment he is condemned in Turkey for the first time legally.

Against the former head of the prokurdischen opposition party, the HDP further proceedings. In the main method is Demirtaş imprisoned for terrorist allegations for more than two years. The European court of human rights (ECtHR) had only arranged two weeks ago that the period of detention was not justified and the politicians had to be released. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had, however, informed that Turkey was not bound by the judgment.

Despite the fact that Turkey is bound as a member of the Council of Europe to the judgments of the ECtHR declined to a court in Ankara at the end of November Demirtaş’ release. Mahsuni Karaman, another lawyer of Demirtaş, said that the justice will dismiss the previous HDP-chief, although in the main proceedings, from custody, formally, so you could say that you believe in the judgment of the ECtHR. At the same time, he’s going to be held because of the confirmation of his conviction to four years and eight months of detention in prison as a hostage.

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Demirtaş can force” via Twitter to tell: “I do not recognize the punishment and the threats of justice, which is the government.” The judge would have to drop a day of self-accountability. “You will not force in the knee.”

The HDP-Chairman Pervin Buldan reacted angrily to the judgment of the court of appeal. It shows that the courts act in Turkey after Erdoğan’s statement, and dependent on him. The Deputy of the largest opposition party, the CHP, Sezgin Tanrıkulu, wrote that the verdict was the result of a collaboration of policy and justice.

Demirtaş was prior to his incarceration as one of the most important opponents of President Erdoğan. After he became Co-Chairman of the prokurdischen HDP, he entered in August 2014 in the presidential elections against him, and reached the third place. A year later, he led his HDP in the Turkish Parliament. In 2016, the success of the HDP was the reason for this is that the ACP lost the absolute majority. However, Erdoğan called a few months later, a new election, and again achieved the absolute majority.

In November 2016 Demirtaş, the HDP Co-Chairperson Figen Yüksekdağ and other HDP deputies due to a terror suspected arrested. Since you are in a high-security prison in Edirne. In the case of the presidential and parliamentary elections last June, Demirtaş out of the prison stood as presidential candidate against Erdoğan. In spite of a difficult election campaign, he reached 8.4 percent of the vote in third place.

The allegations against him, the politician sees as politically motivated and accuses Erdoğan of wanting an uncomfortable political rivals off. Also, the European court of human rights had to be classified, the duration and the circumstances of his detention as politically motivated.

In the judgment by the ECtHR to the release of Demirtaş’ two weeks ago, it was argued that the politicians are not able to fulfil due to his incarceration his work in the Parliament. This was an unlawful interference in the freedom of expression and the right to sit as an elected member of the Parliament. His imprisonment had the goal to stifle pluralism and freedom of political debate. This especially applied during the presidential elections in June and for the controversial constitutional referendum in April 2017.

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