Shown above are Ottogi’s instant noodle products with braille packaging. Ottogi decided to introduce the new products to help visually impaired customers. Photo courtesy of Ottogi

Korean food giant inscribes braille in its products

Ottogi, a South Korean food giant, said this week that the company had started inscribing raised letters in two of its instant noodle products early this month.

The Seoul-based company said that the measure is aimed at helping visually impaired customers cook instant noodle products on their own.

In particular, a line was embossed across the products to make it possible to add the proper amount of hot water without having to watch the procedure.

Ottogi decided to introduce braille packaging early this year after receiving complaints from visually impaired people.

Then, the company consulted with the Korea Blind Union to come up with the proper packaging.

Going forward, Ottogi strives to expand the braille packaging to all other instant noodle products.

“We have launched the new packaging to help visually impaired people pick the right products and cook them without any major difficulty,” an Ottogi official said.

“We will continue to listen to the voice of underprivileged clients down the world.”

This is not the first time for Ottogi to take the lead in corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. In fact, the firm is regarded as a representative company that briskly carries out CSR projects.

The corporation has financially assisted children with continental heart disease for the past three decades.

More than 5,400 children have benefitted through the campaign.

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