An Ottogi employee is making Braille business cards at the company’s office. Its affiliate Ottogi Friends has hired disabled workers as regular employees. Photo courtesy of Ottogi

Korean food giant sets example in offering quality jobs to the handicapped

South Korean food giant Ottogi said on March 22 that its affiliate Ottogi Friends had hired a total of 20 disabled employees as regular workers, unlike the industry norm.

According to the Korea Employment Agency for Persons with Disabilities, the proportion of non-regular workers for the disabled was 64.9 percent last year.

This compares to 37.5 percent for workers without disabilities.

In addition, Ottogi said that it had put forth efforts to create an atmosphere without any discrimination toward the disabled.

As a result, Ottogi Friends employees offer long services _ all of the 16 disabled employees who joined Ottogi Friends at its launch in late 2021 are still working there.

Ottogi Friends churn out various products for Ottogi.

Beginning last November, Ottogi Friends started making Braille business cards for employees of its parent company.

Such acts are geared toward raising the right to know of the visually impaired, according to Ottogi.

“Ottogi Friends has drawn big attention as it offered quality jobs for the disabled for the past two years,” an Ottogi official said.

“Going forward, we will continue to make efforts to create a society where people with and without disabilities will be able to live together without any discrimination.”

Established by the later Chairman Ham Tae-ho in 1969, Ottogi has been a trailblazer in the country’s food industry. For example, it was the first Korean company to manufacture soup, ketchup, and mayonnaise.

Founder Ham’s son Ham Young-joon is presently chairman of Ottogi. Its CEO is Hwang Seong-man.

Chairman Ham Young-joon’s daughter of Ham Yeon-ji is also a celebrity here as a musical actress. After studying in New York, she starred in “Gone with the Wind” in 2015.

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