Shown above are products, which Ottogi introduces through cooperation with local farmers or fishers. Photo courtesy of Ottogi

Food company cooperates with Jeju farmers

South Korean food giant Ottogi announced on Sept. 28 that it had come up with a series of unique products in cooperation with farmers in such places as Jeju Province.

Included in them are tailor-made instant noodles, instant curry, and marmalade products made of various ingredients from the scenic Jeju island.

In addition, the company also took advantage of tangles from Wando, South Jeolla Province, to introduce a popular instant noodle product.

Last year, Ottogi also debuted vinegar products made of tangles, which had won the hearts and minds of end customers thanks to their rich amount of free acidity.

“Recently, a mounting number of consumers have taken part in the initiative of spending their money in a meaningful way. Against this backdrop, the products made through a collaboration between corporations and regional farmers are drawing attention,” an Ottogi official said.

“We will put forth great efforts to chalk up a win-win growth with farmers or fishers as well as fulling our obligations as a responsible corporate citizen.”

Established by the later Chairman Ham Tae-ho in 1969, Ottogi has been a trailblazer in the country’s food industry. For one, it was the first Korean company to manufacture soup, ketchup, and mayonnaise.

Founder Ham’s son Ham Young-joon is presently chairman of Ottogi. Its CEO is Hwang Seong-man.

Chairman Ham Young-joon’s daughter of Ham Yeon-ji is also a celebrity as a musical actress. After studying in New York, she starred in “Gone with the Wind” back in 2015.

Ham modeled for an Ottogi commercial. She is also a YouTuber _ her YouTube account has subscribers of more than 450,000 as of this week.

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