“Our Position has not changed”: With these words, a spokeswoman for the EU has made it clear-the Commission on Monday that there are no new talks with the UK about the Brexit. “We will not negotiate,” she said.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, have pointed out that the present Deal was “the best,” said the Commission spokeswoman. He had already been accepted by the EU heads of state and government endorsed. “What concerns us, the United Kingdom on the 29. March 2019 from the EU.”

The British house of Commons wanted to vote on Tuesday, with the EU negotiated exit contract, the appointment is moved. It regulates, among other things, the rights of the citizens on both sides in accordance with the Brexit, the financial demands of London and to ensure that it is on the border between the British province of Northern Ireland and Ireland no border controls.

the Prime Minister Theresa May is under pressure: parts of the Opposition, but also around a hundred members of her conservative party, the agreement reject. An assumption therefore seems unlikely.

The European court of justice decided on Monday that the UK could make the outlet Declaration to unilaterally undo. This could be for British members of Parliament, the speculate of remaining in the EU, a further Argument to vote against the discharge of the contract.

The Brexit package consists of a nearly 600-page exit agreement that governs the terms and conditions of the separation, including the rights of EU citizens in the UK and financial obligations of London towards the EU. Will be added to the contract through a legally non-binding political Declaration on the future of relations.

Fails Mays Plan in the Parliament, the head of government to either vote again or it needs a Plan B. From the British government and the Opposition signals that a closer integration with the EU could be considered, for example, the whereabouts in the internal market and customs Union. No longer unthinkable that a second Referendum – or even a Bicycle kick from Brexit


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