this year, Germany exported less electricity than 2017. Nevertheless, the export surplus Figures of the Federal network Agency according to considerably. In the cross-border electricity trade are up to 17. December spilled about 70,000 gigawatt hours abroad. In the entire year of 2017, there were approximately 77,000 gigawatt-hours.

the electricity imports Because at the same time, Germany increased, decreased, the export surplus of around 14 percent to around 51.500 gigawatt-hours. Throughout the year 2017, a good 60 000 gigawatt hours, approximately ten percent of German electricity production.

the main customers of the German electricity were Austria, the Netherlands and France. From Poland, Sweden, and Denmark, Germany has more electricity than it exported.

The power grids of individual countries are connected to each other. Differences in consumption and production can be compensated for by the cross-border electricity trade, it shall inform the network Agency. Also, the probability of power outage decreases.

Rising revenues thanks to higher prices

Despite the decline in export volumes to the electricity producers, with their shipments abroad have earned the information of the network Agency, more than 2017. The export earnings were, therefore, due to the increase in wholesale electricity prices with 2.1 billion euros to around 200 million euros higher than in the previous year.

the Surplus in cross-border electricity trade in Germany achieved, according to the Federal environment Agency since 2003. Since then, the power consumption in the domestic is constantly lower than the power generation.

The German Association of energy and water industries (BDEW) estimates, however, with the end of export surpluses, because more and more Gas – and coal-fired power plants due to age or the cost of which would be taken from the grid.

“will not be reduced in view of The current Overcapacity in a few years. Rather, we walk with eyes wide open, at the latest, in the year 2023 in a shortfall in the secured performance,” warned the BDEW-managing Director Stefan Kapferer. The secure power be counted works, which may at any time and weather, independently generating electricity.

electricity-imports are not a reliable Alternative, according to Kapferer. “Is the electricity demand in Germany is high, this is usually also in the adjacent States. We can’t rely in such phases, from these countries flow to any significant extent import.”


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