An SC model holds a sign to promote the lender’s Sigma Card. Courtesy of Standard Chartered Bank Korea

SC Bank Korea promotes overseas travel-specific product

Frequent overseas travelers agonize over packing the right plastic because they want to save money and headaches. And credit card issuers here compete to win the hearts and minds of customers.

Standard Chartered (SC) Bank Korea said that its Sigma Card is one of the best credit cards for international travel.

Holders of the credit card will be able to enjoy favorable exchange rates and an exemption of a 0.35-percent overseas transaction fee.

In addition, they can use around 850 airport lounges across the world.

Users can also enjoy benefits in proportion to the amount spent because up to 1.5 percent of their spending will be saved as points.

The points are useful as customers can use them to pay for airline tickets or exchange for department store gift certificates. Otherwise, they can use them to pay off card payments or loan interest.

Various cash awards will be given to card users. New customers in July and August will be able to get a 20,000 won ($17) cash award if they spend more than 100,000 won ($85) by September.

Before deciding on a credit card, people usually check its benefits to make the most cost-effective decision,” an SC official said. “For those who spend a substantial amount of money overseas, Sigma Card has a competitive advantage.”