relief for courts: The Federal government supports the countries in the recruitment of 2,000 new magistrates and judges. This is part of the so-called Pact for the rule of law, the Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the heads of government of the länder have to be sealed.

“today’s decision is a strong commitment to the work of our courts and Prosecutor’s offices,” said Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD). The justice to get more staff, processes were improved and, above all, the family courts will be strengthened. Merkel spoke of a “significant contribution” to improve the Functioning of the rule of law.

the Federal and state governments were not able long to agree on the financing of the in the coalition agreement of the CDU and the SPD. The costs are estimated to be about 400 million euros per year. The Federal government wants to shoot all the countries now, in two tranches for a total of 220 million euros.

The first half is to flow, if the countries have demonstrated that they have together created 1,000 jobs – but should also be credited retroactively, which are originated from January 2017. The rest of the money is flowing, when in 2021, all of the 2000 Posts are created.

money for judges, prosecutors, police, IT adjustments

in addition to the centres for judges and prosecutors of the Pact provides that, for police duties, the Confederation and the Länder are creating in their respective areas of competence, the 7500 new. In addition, the Confederation provides support in the area of digitisation, for example in the establishment of the police-IT-Fund IT-adjustments of the Federation and the länder. The Federal government and the Länder want to improve also through joint projects, the protection of victims.

The Hamburg mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD), which currently has the chairmanship of the Prime Ministers ‘ conference, spoke of a “very large financial burden” for the countries ‘ budgets. He added: “We’d love to do this, because this is an important task.” The assistance of the Federal government were a “good support”. The Saar Prime Minister, Tobias, Hans (CDU) as a spokesman for the Union-led countries, said: “This is a big step forward.”

“Today is a good day for the rule of law,” said the Federal Manager of the Deutsche Richterbunds, Sven Rebehn. The rule of law, Pact, marking a political trend failed austerity turn after many years of refinement in the judiciary. He referred to the Congestion, particularly in the criminal justice system: “the method in the length and, most recently, the number of cases has increased, which strongly suspects due to the long duration of proceedings, from detention on remand had to be.” The judges will now “be very careful” that the 2000 will also be arriving as agreed in the justice.

critics: No long-term personnel policy

“The Pact of the beginning of a perspective must be at the end of personnel policy in the next decade”, invited Rebehn. By 2030, about 40 percent of all state went nationwide, lawyers, and judges in retirement, in Eastern Germany even two out of three colleagues. Also, FDP parliamentary group, Vice-Stephan Thomae criticized, the one-time payment was “just a booty call and not a Basis for a long-term personnel policy in the judiciary”.

the Union and the SPD evaluated against the agreement as a great success. The citizens should be able to rely on that process can be quickly decided, said Union leader Ralph Brinkhaus. “Only a quick and efficient judicial system to fight crime sustainably,” says Brinkhaus.

The CSU indoor politician Volker Ullrich said that now the second step is to stand. The Federal Ministry of justice should accelerate the Reform of the criminal procedure law is progressing rapidly, in order to allow modern and accelerated method. The Deputy SPD parliamentary group Chairwoman Eva Högl and the legal policy spokesman Johannes Fechner welcomed the Pact as a “very important Signal”.

With the participation of the Federal government to the refugee costs starting next year, the Prime Minister conference has not reached an agreement. There is still a lot to discuss, said Tschentscher. Hans spoke of difficult negotiations.


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