Painter Ahn Jeong-mo poses in front of her painting of a villain hero dubbed “Mad Toe” at Gallery Minjung in downtown Seoul on May 11. Photo courtesy of painter Ahn Jeong-mo

“Painter of animal souls” will demonstrate artworks

Painter Ahn Jeong-mo is holding a solo exhibition at Gallery Minjung in downtown Seoul to demonstrate her artworks on the souls of animals.

The event, which will continue through May 17, marks her third solo exhibition.

Ahn has gained attention after winning awards in art competitions at home and abroad. Recently, she took part in a special exhibition hosted by LA Art Show and K Auction.

And she started winning the hearts and minds of people, as shown by the fact that her paintings were successfully sold in recent auctions through K Auction.

“While watching my pet cat, I wondered whether it would miss its mother. I painted based on the assumption that dead animals’ souls convene at a forest and my house cat would eventually go there,” Ahn said.

“The forest for animal souls is the same as the world for humans. There are bad guys, while there is also a villain hero, who protects weak animals from bad guys.”

The villain hero’s name is “Mad Toe,” according to Ahn.

“When I was young, I was an introvert. I didn’t want to cause any trouble and remained silent even when I was bullied. ‘Mad Toe’ is my mirror image, and at the same time, it is another self of mine,” she said.