Shown above is a painting of Korean-American artist Miho Chung. Her art pieces on Korean paper, or hanji, will be displayed at an exhibition in southern Seoul in early December. Photo courtesy of Metaversero

Korean American artist’s work meets futuristic technology in Korea

South Korean blockchain company Metaversero announced on Nov. 19 that it would hold an exhibition of Korean-American artist Miho Chung in Seoul early next month.

The event will take place at Gallery XR in southern Seoul for two weeks, beginning on Dec. 1, according to Metaversero, a subsidiary of the gallery.

Chung has focused on carrying on the 2,000-year-old tradition of Korea through her artwork with strong and sturdy Korean paper, otherwise dubbed as hanji.

She is called the third generation of hanji artists, following such famous predecessors as Yi Eungro (first generation) and Lee Hang-sung (second generation).

The representative hanji artist served as chief of the Korean American Association of Greater Philadelphia and was also recognized by U.S. President Joe Biden, Metaversero said.

During the two-week display, Metaversero plans to employ extended reality technology to better demonstrate the art pieces of painter Chung.

In fact, the company is scheduled to launch an NFT platform for painters.

Brief for the non-fungible token, NFT has gained attention across the world after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s first tweet as an NFT sold at almost $3 million.

Recently, various segments like digital art, sports, and game have braced for the technology in an attempt to represent ownership rights of unique items.

Earlier this month, the potential of the NFT technology was amply demonstrated during the NFT Busan 2021 at the country’s largest port city.

Metaversero is set to create an avatar of Chung so that people can see it on the metaverse platform.