parents couch columnist for Jonas Ratz was on vacation and it was wonderful. Whether the lessor of the holiday home looks? A Claim Of Responsibility Letter.

children are sometimes very sweet and sometimes they make us crazy. For SPIEGEL ONLINE, a mother and two fathers lay regularly on the parents couch .

Jonas Ratz writes on the parents couch in the exchange with the Theodor Ziemßen and Juno Vai .

dear Mrs. Schneider,

this is really a picturesque spot of land here in Gran Canaria. And the house: the terrace overlooking the Bay, the swimming Pool, this lovingly designed garden! You realize that here are people with taste.

Unfortunately, an annoying mishap happened to us. When our son Oliver has been based on this free-floating glass table top of the coffee table, she slipped sadly down. I can reassure you, but The floor was only slightly damaged, to the point, we have placed the large Vase. The with the jump. She had always actually been?

When you Sweep up the broken pieces of the table top – my God, were the many parts, much more slowly than the Window in the children’s bedroom, with adhesive tape, but quite a good seal – so when you Sweep up the glass shards anyway, Frederik Accidentally against the flat screen is pushed-TV. But that’s not a bad thing, we have already watched never watch TV, in the view of the sea, dreamlike, Ms. Schneider, and absolutely gorgeous.

washing machine broken? No Problem, we have the Pool

We have disposed of the broken television is equal to, so our daughter Elisa does not hurt the body, it would be nearly happened already, as you did yesterday, wiped the evening, the wine glasses from the table. She is just learning to Stand and pulls herself up everywhere, you need to know.

When you Dispose of the TV has helped us by the way, the nice Mr Sanchez next door. The also knew where the carp out of your pond to get rid of (Oliver wanted to feed them with potato chips). I would have flushed down the toilet, but since the children played in the bathroom, pirate ship, does not work any more, the rinsing Yes. Just like the washing machine, by the way.

but it Is not at all bad, the most necessary pieces of clothing we have made in the Pool, clean, not more, could had screwed swim in it eventually anyway after Frederik the pump. He is so curious, you know? He almost gets the vacuum cleaner again, but the pottery shards seem to have shredded into the intake manifold. They had crafted on these small figures on the shelf in the living room. We had told the children: don’t play with it! But you know how children are.

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We come very gladly again next year, Ms. Schneider! Maybe is repaired, until then, Yes the roof, we had a little mishap with the gas cylinder from the Grill. But this is not so expensive, the nice gentleman from the fire brigade said, as he advanced with his colleagues because of the carpet in the living room. Children and matches that we could have naturally guessed. But we have since then just in the gazebo comfortably, in a couple of months, the main house is surely habitable again.

So, now I have the table but long enough delayed because of this Problemchens with the couch. I will see to the children, in the Garage, it has rumbled just so suspicious. Until next year, dear Mrs. Schneider!

your family does

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