the twilight is falling, the rage of Paris. For hours they are on the Champs-Elysées, the “Gilets Jaunes” in their bright yellow safety vests and the use of force by the police in their battle suits. Since the morning, the security forces prevented the demonstrators with tear gas grenades and flash balls at Advancing to the arc de Triomphe. As soon as the smoke and the acrid smell sets into the forces at trade fairs and exhibitions.

Starting late in the afternoon, then some are looking for Determined the decision. In the side streets, parked cars and the dumpster go up in flames. Transactions that were not backed up as a precaution, with the gratings or plywood sheets, to be attacked with iron bars and paving stones. Shop Windows are shattered, stores looted.

four weeks ago, France witnessed the revolt against the policy of the state, chief Emmanuel Macron and his government. It is by far not only the – now exposed – Eco-tax on petrol and Diesel. The people, who have also traveled this Saturday from the surrounding area and more distant regions to the capital, require a fundamentally different policy in favor of poorer layers of the population. Social justice, which is denied to them in their opinion. Therefore, you have to be chanting again and again “Macron resignation”. Macron and His to withdraw.

Because not “only” the protection against violence such as last weekend on the Agenda, but in the meantime, the future of the government, has mobilized a maximum of security forces: 8.000 police officers are alone in Paris in the use of 89,000 in the whole country.

“last warning” call the cops

Up to a few skirmishes this tightened security strategy worked, at least in daylight, and to a large extent. Also, because alone in Paris since the Morning, more than 700 to the violent protesters were arrested. Who are the forces with heavy boules-balls in a backpack, a knife or punch to catch sticks, the ship you immediately to the nearest police station. Diving goggles and protective masks against tear gas are confiscated. Who wants to exercise his right to freedom of expression, apparently also has the right to the full load of tear gas.

14 armored vehicles and water cannons are also provided. The police officers are also authorized to use tear gas grenades of the type of GLI-F4. These include the explosives TNT. Their use in demonstrations, therefore, is highly controversial. “Last warning”, call the cops. Then the ear is heard deafening Bang, and the Breathing is difficult. In the evening Minister Christophe Castaner speaks of the interior of at least 135 people, among them 17 police officers. In the meantime, the situation is again under control.

As the late afternoon, many of the from far and wide travelled to make on the way home, there remains a hard core. On the Champs-Elysées, you can’t do much about it. The Parisian Boulevard that leads from the Park of the Tuileries all the way up to the arch of triumph, brought since the previous day, the impression that they expect a minimum of a heavy storm. Not a single one of the shops that are normally visited on a weekend of advent well, is open this Saturday. Entrances and storefronts are boarded up as before a hurricane. Flower boxes, tables and chairs on the terraces – everything that could be used as a missile, is misplaced. The evening red shining Christmas decorations in the trees looks to the left and right edge of the road as a mockery. Near the Department stores Galeries Lafayette and Printemps protesters tear up trees and set fire to them.

At the lower end of the Champs-Elysées and in front of the entrances to the luxury shopping street Faubourg Honoré the security forces with vehicles, and several-Meter-high separation walls, ramparts before the middle of the Élysée Palace, the President built. Some of the Gilets Jaunes had called to storm the Palace.

But are not in the streets around the arrangements quite as sharp. In the protection of the gathering darkness, the rage breaks, therefore, there railway. The police can’t follow the very mobile small groups of Violent, often fast enough. The fire is not anywhere fast enough to clear the put fires. The chants are loud and foul-mouthed. The F-word is heard in many variations.

Can pacify Macron, the country?

early retirees Serge, who has arrived from the Parisian surroundings and the Goings-on is watching, keeps the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe for the actual arsonist. “Philippe, don’t play with matches. You put the whole country on fire,” he wrote on his self-painted Transparent. “The Prime Minister implements the policy of Macron. The whole gang will disappear,” he urges. And then? “There should be new elections. The current leadership has no legitimacy.” The members of the Macron movement LREM made policy only for the Rich, although you are entitled to one and a half years, with only 13 percent of the votes of the absolute majority reached in the Parliament.

Now revenge, that Macron has not so far managed to reconcile for a long time like an invisible wall separated citizens of the city and in the country. In the eyes of the country’s population, he pursues a policy in accordance with the interests of those who gave him and his movement in the elections is actually your voice. The were mostly well-to-do townsfolk, the can start with his idea of France as a Startup Nation. In the country, many French people have often not even quick Internet. And at the end of the month, the fridge is often empty.

“He is young. We thought that he would actually make a lot of things differently than previous presidents,” says Valerie, a 48-year-old warehouse worker from the Bourgogne. “But he’s killing us. Us, our children and our grandchildren.” Actually, she was a peaceable woman, says Valerie. “But if my family is attacked, I defend myself. And if they don’t stop up there to attack us, then there is a civil war.”

in The evening, the Prime Minister, Philippe and Minister of the interior, Castaner prudence and readiness of the police to praise. Thedecreases were not quite as severe as last weekend. To the beginning of the week, state Express chief Macron to the public. If he can pacify the country, but also on this evening is highly uncertain.

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.