To celebrate the first anniversary of winning a Guinness World Records certification, bakery chain Paris Baguette has launched an event of offering presents to customers. Photo courtesy of Paris Baguette

Korean bakery chain offers presents to celebrate first anniversary of honor

In late June 2020, the country’s leading bakery chain Paris Baguette received a Guinness World Records certification for its best-selling “Silky Roll Cake.”

Back then, the sales of the roll cake brand amounted to some 12.5 million between Jan. 2015 and Dec. 2019 in five countries, including Korea, the United States, and China.

To celebrate the first anniversary of the honor, Paris Baguette launched a marketing event of offerings presents comprising a hand towel and a face towel this week.

The two towels, which are rolled just like Silky Roll Cake, will be given to Paris Baguette customers whose one-time purchase at its stores top 20,000 won ($18).

“In a year after winning the Guinness World Records certificate, we have prepared fun gifts to appreciate our customers’ affection toward us,” a Paris Baguette official said.

“We will continue to put forth efforts to come up with products, which can entertain our customers and give special experiences to them.”

The official also said that the company had improved the quality and packaging of the roll cake.

Silky Roll Cake came to town in May 1988, just months before South Korea held the country’s first Olympic Games in Seoul, to win the hearts and minds of people.

In particular, the cakes sold briskly in the mid- and late-2010’s to bag the Guinness World Records certification for sales of 12.5 million products in five years.

To connect all the 12.5 million cakes, it would take 3,000 kilometers, which is 9,300 times higher than Eiffel Tower in Paris and 339 times higher than the world’s highest mountain Everest, according to Paris Baguette.

SPC Group runs Paris Baguette.