Shown above is ready-made Butadon, a Japanese rice bowl dish with grilled pork slices with soy sauce, launched by Paris Baguette. Photo courtesy of Paris Baguette

Korean food giant targets exploding HMR market

Over the past several decades, the country has seen a rising demand of ready-made packaged food, dubbed home meal replacement (HMR).

The trend has accelerated since 2020 when the virus pandemic prompted health-conscious consumers to eat at home instead of visiting restaurants.

Food companies have gunned for the emerging market, and leading the pack appears to Paris Baguette, the country’s primary bakery brand run by SPC Group.

Paris Baguette recently announced that it had cooperated with a famous YouTube video jockey Yori Yongdi to come up with a new HMR product of Butadon.

Butadon is a Japanese rice bowl dish with grilled pork slices with soy sauce. Paris Baguette picked the cuisine based on polls of consumers.

The Seoul-based company said that’s why the new product is winning the hearts of minds of people, especially the young Generation MZ.

The Generation MZ is South Korea’s unique term referring to millennials and Generation Z, who were born between 1980 and 1995.

Buoyed by the success of Butadon, Paris Baguette said that it planned to introduce other Asian cuisines.

“As our clients briskly took part in the decision of our products, they appear to love the new cuisine,” a Paris Baguette official said.

“We will continue to put forth similar efforts to give pleasures to the Generation MZ so that they can sympathize with our initiatives.”

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