In the conflict with the so-called yellow the West-protest movement wants the French government to 1. January announced increase in the environmental tax shift. Several media reported, citing the French government.

Prime Minister Édouard Philippe declined to comment, apparently, on the morning before the members of Macrons party La République en Marche in the national Assembly. In addition, the Prime Minister will announce, according to the Reports, further steps towards the relaxation of the conflict with the Yellow jackets.

Thus, the government in Paris responded to the escalation of the protests on the weekend. Last Saturday, there were riots and riots in the middle of the French capital, including the arch of triumph is one of the most important national monuments – has been damaged. Observers spoke of a civil war-like scenes.

After a crisis, Emmanuel Macron, Philippe and several Ministers at the Élysée to meet President Palace, it was already on Monday evening from the environment of the government, the Prime Minister of the wool quickly “announce measures”.

Yellow West call to action on

Overall, the protests against the reform policy of the head of state Macron – take on the basis of the demonstrations of the yellow West against high fuel prices, taxes and cost of living – now more than two weeks. Next weekend, the movement has once again called for a national day of action.

also for this past Tuesday, the scheduled first Meeting of Premier Philippe with representatives of the yellow West is not reached. The organization had cancelled the call on Monday. Two representatives stated that they had been threatened by hard-liners, because they wanted to speak with government representatives. The Delegation of activists that wanted to meet Philippe, is not recognized by all the participants of the movement.

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