Paris – More than 100 arrests during protests of the yellow West, In Paris in demonstrations in the yellow West, to come against the government of President Emmanuel Macron once again riots. The police used tear gas and water cannons. © Photo: Stephane Mahe/Reuters

gathered hundreds of demonstrators and protesters of the so-called yellow vests have new protests around the Paris Boulevard. The French interior Minister Christophe Castaner language of 1,500 violent “troublemakers”. The authorities had mobilised around 5,000 police officers who used tear gas and water cannons used. More than 100 people were detained according to information provided by the government. At least ten people were injured, including three police officers, writes Le Figaro.

Already on last Saturday, about 5,000 people were protesting against the government of the French President, Emmanuel Macron. Masked barricades were built and tried, for the Elysee Palace, Macrons headquarters, to penetrate.

In the days were announced, then the tens of thousands on Facebook, your participation in the Demonstration this Saturday. Also, in many other French cities demonstrations are planned.

this is the third weekend in a row, the protest cost movement in yellow safety vests against rising fuel and for an increase of the minimum wage and pensions to go on the road. In the largest Demonstration in mid-November, around 250,000 people, the country blocked wide major roads and transport hubs. Two people died in connection with the protests.

The yellow West protested at the beginning, especially against the planned tax increase of three cents per litre of petrol and six cents per litre on Diesel in the context of Macrons Eco-tax. Meanwhile, the movement is increasingly against Macrons policy in General, as well as against the President personally. On Transparent calls for his resignation are common to see. The demonstrators accuse him, to try and make policy for the Rich. Macron has said, in the meantime, the controversial Eco-tax on Diesel to the fuel price. Not all of the activists but far enough.

Stanislas Guerini, who was elected on Saturday as the new Chairman of Macrons movement En Marche, said: “I take this responsibility to misjudge how big the challenges are facing the country.” With a view on the protests of the yellow West, said the Familiar Macrons, he would waste not even the eyes, “from the violence that is taking place as we speak”.

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