In the French capital, it is once again violent riots in demonstrations of the so-called yellow the West. Around the Champs-Élysées, there was severe rioting. In the area around the Boulevard, demonstrators street delivered on Saturday in battles with the police. Whole streets were devastated. Demonstrators erected barricades, set fire to cars and threw the window panes. More than 100 people were injured according to the authorities, among them 14 police officers. The police arrested at least 260 people. Government politicians were shocked by the extent of the violence.

started The riots, as protesters in the afternoon, tried to, in the vicinity of the Arc de a police Triomphe barrier to break through, and on the Champs to get Èlysées. The forces of order were then used tear gas and water cannons to drive the protesters apart. Violent rally participants pelted the officers with stones and set cars on fire.

blockages On the prestigious Avenue Foch, the protesters benches in the anchoring of cracks and built it. At the Tuileries Park protesters tore down one of the heavy iron gates, which buried several people. A man, according to the authorities, was severely injured. The Arc de Triomphe, it was with Graffiti slogans such as “Triumph of the yellow West” and “Macron, step back!” sprayed.

in The evening the situation calmed down again, as Minister of the interior, Christophe Castaner, said transmitter TF 1. The riots had been planned, the founders of “professional restlessness” and run, so Castaner. Also, the President of France Emmanuel Macron criticized the violence: “I will never accept violence,” he said on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires. “No cause justifies the attack on representative of the state, the plundering of shops, the threat of passers-by and journalists, and the taint of the Arc du Triomphe.”

“Seldom achieved level of violence”

Because of the riots, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said his trip to the climate summit in Poland. Philippe will remain in France and not, as planned, on Sunday and Monday to the summit’s discussions in Katowice participate, informed his office. The Prime Minister spoke of “a rarely achieved level of violence”. The protesters had made “symbols of France”, the “Arc de Triomphe sprayed with Graffiti” and “around the tomb of the unknown soldier, a violent Demonstration” was organized. This is shocking.

The number of demonstrators was, according to the Ministry of the interior in the afternoon across the country to 75,000 estimated. Outside of Paris, there was between the cases. In the Prefecture of the Haute-Loire, in the centre of the country the protesters should have the administration building was set on fire, the Prefecture said.

demonstrators are demanding the resignation of Macron

the movement of The yellow West had to blockages over Online networks for Saturday, among other things, road in Paris.
It is the third weekend in a row, the protest cost movement in yellow safety vests against rising fuel and for an increase of the minimum wage and pensions to go on the road. In the largest Demonstration in mid-November, about 250,000 people of the country had blocked wide major roads and transport hubs. Two people died in connection with the protests.

The yellow West protested at the beginning, especially against the planned tax increase of three cents per litre of petrol and six cents per litre on Diesel in the context of Macrons Eco-tax. Meanwhile, the movement is increasingly against Macrons policy in General, as well as against the President personally. On Transparent calls for his resignation are common to see. The demonstrators accuse him, to try and make policy for the Rich. Macron has said, in the meantime, the controversial Eco-tax on Diesel to the fuel price. Not all of the activists but far enough.

Several opposition politicians accused the government of letting the violence escalate in order to discredit the yellow West. The right nationalist Nicolas Dupont-Aignan asked the resignation of interior Minister Castaner. The left party leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon accused the government of “excessive use of force against peaceful demonstrators”.

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