Mirae Asset Financial Group Chairman Park Hyeon-joo, second from left, takes part in a YouTube broadcast of Mirae Asset Securities. On the back of his appearance, the brokerage’s YouTube channel, named Smart Money, could increase the number of its subscribers from a mere 100,000 this January to 1 million in March. Photo courtesy of Mirae Asset Securities

Smart Money tops 1 million subscribers

South Korea’s brokerage houses have tried to attract as many subscribers as possible to their YouTube channels, but many of them struggled to achieve the goal.

Against this backdrop, business bellwether Mirae Asset Securities came up with an out-of-the-box solution _ its founding Chairman Park Hyeon-joo got up on the stage.

He appeared on YouTube broadcasts of Mirae Asset Securities, dubbed Smart Money, this January to share his insights and knowledge about financial investments.

The combined view counts of his video clips amount to some 3 million. And the number of Smart Money subscribers rocketed from around 100,000 in January to top 1 million in just a few months.

As a result, it received the much-coveted Gold Play Button late last month.

“Park came up with very specific pieces of advice, which greatly helped amateur investors. That’s why his broadcasts drew so many viewers,” a Seoul analyst said.

Park is the founder of Mirae Asset Financial Group, which consists of asset management, investment banking, life insurance, venture capital, and stock brokerage.

In addition, Mirae Asset Securities introduced last month an artificial intelligence (AI)-based anchor who explains the company’s views on the market.

“We decided to make the AI-powered content in line with the rising demands for investment information in non-face-to-face fashions,” Mirae Asset Securities senior official Kwon Oh-man said.

“Going forward, we will take advantage of them to provide timely information to our customers.”

Such efforts helped the outfit win the Gold Play Button, the company said.