Armenia has elected half a year after the peaceful protests of a new Parliament. “We have reached our goal already. These are truly free, transparent and democratic elections”, said Prime Minister Nikol Paschinjan in front of a polling station in the capital, Yerevan. Experts warn that there could be new protests if the head of the government should implement its promised reforms.

In a victory Paschinjans no one doubted on election day. Polls see his movement, “My step” at 70 percent. The results of the election should be in on Monday night.

the head of The government had submitted in mid-October, his resignation, and the way for the election paved. The 43-Year-old wants to get more Power in the Parliament. So far, the Republicans have in the Opposition the majority.

in The population, the popular Prime Minister and former Journalist, had mentioned in the spring, the week-long street protests against corruption and nepotism in Armenia. By the so-called “velvet Revolution” had he come in may. Now he wants to boost the economy and against corrupt structures and practices.

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“We have a new political situation in the country”, – said Gevorg Poghosian of the Academy of Sciences in Yerevan. For the first time there had been a televised debate between the candidates. The election campaign took place also in the Internet. There is a “strong party”. Everyone knows that Paschinjans movement will win the majority in the Parliament.

For some, he was like a Messiah. “This is bad for Paschinjan, because the expectations of the new government are very high.” Many Armenians hoping that something changes. “They are now waiting for the results – maybe a half a year, maybe a year,” said Poghosian. “Then you will ask Paschinjan: “What happened to your promised changes?”

“We have fought long and hard”

“We give him the time,” said voter Diana Ghasarjan in Yerevan. “The election is the final step to the Revolution. We have fought long and hard for it.” The 53-year-old Astzik Kochocsjan said: “Paschinjan is in my heart.” To choose is a matter of honor.

The Opposition has accused the head of government of a dirty election campaign. Poor Aschotjan of the Republicans said that his party has been victimised. “Paschinjan is a Populist.” This choice had already been in the run-up to the fair. “Before, it was clear that Paschinjans party will win, because they held the election in a post-revolutionary euphoria.” Aschotjan spoke of a smear campaign, with the help of a catchment, the Republicans should be prevented to Parliament. “Governments should be controlled.”

The small and poor Armenia, with almost three million inhabitants, is located in the South Caucasus and is in a politically difficult situation. It is enemies with the neighbors, Azerbaijan and Turkey and therefore to an Alliance with Russia dependent. Paschinjan wants to maintain cooperation with both Russia and with the EU.


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