Participants of the Global Hydrogen Industrial Association Alliance launch event pose at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul on May 25. Photo courtesy of H2Korea

Delegates from 18 countries take part in ceremony

Representatives from 18 countries congratulated on the launch of the Global Hydrogen Industrial Association Alliance (GHIAA), which took place in Seoul on May 25. The followings are the remarks from 11 representatives who physically visited the event or virtually took part. _ ED.


Joe Kremzer, GM Policy Australian Hydrogen Council, said, “The Australian Hydrogen Council is delighted to be a member of the GHIAA. Strong international relationships are needed to ensure that the hydrogen industry develops and is able to play a role in global decarbonization efforts.”

“This forum will provide the opportunity for members to develop and strengthen relationships in order to further not only their own nation’s hydrogen ambitions but also to assist other member nations to do the same.”


Chairman Anders Lundell from Sweden noted, “The Swedish national hydrogen strategy emphasizes the importance of sector coupling; hydrogen is a cornerstone in our mission to building our resilient communities with a system perspective. The national strategy also calls for Nordic and international cooperation, which is very important for us.”


Canada CHFCA senior advisor Mark Kirby said, “International cooperation and global supply chains will be needed to realize the full potential of hydrogen and fuel cell technology to reduce GHG emissions and stimulate economic growth.”

“The CHFCA is proud to join with like-minded hydrogen associations in the Global Hydrogen Industrial Associations Alliance to foster international communications and partnerships.”


H2 Chile’s senior official Ricardo Rodriguez said, “As a reliable partner, Chile will collaborate widely with public and private international stakeholders to scale up global green hydrogen markets. Accelerating a just energy transition requires joint efforts and commitment beyond borders.”

“Chile is committed to promoting decarbonization to face climate change and foster a more sustainable development model taking advantage of its competitive advantages.”

“The competitiveness of Chile in renewable energy production and the global need for clean energy carriers will create an economic sector that could rival the size of the Chilean mining industry and bring benefits to its people.”


Jurica George Miketa, head of Legal Affairs and EU Government Relations, said, “Being fast and protecting the climate at the same time is currently difficult to imagine in Germany and Europe.”

“However, since we have no more than two decades left to achieve EU climate neutrality until 2050, and other countries and regions in Europe and the world are also facing the same challenges, there is no time to lose.”

“We urgently need to drive forward the expansion of renewable energies and the production of green hydrogen and create investment security for the industry.”

“The promotion of green hydrogen through the funding concept ‘H2Global’ has the highest priority for the security of supply for Germany and Europe. Without the import of green hydrogen and trustworthy international partnerships, we will otherwise not succeed in achieving climate neutrality.”


Colombian Hydrogen Association President Camilo Uribe commented, “There are times in our lives in which we are presented with the opportunity to foster real change, hence breaking the continuum of time we are immersed in.”

“And today, with impetus, we write our own future and seize the moment; we initiate an amazing journey in which we celebrate with great honor and pride the involvement of the ‘Colombian Hydrogen Association’ as one of the pioneers of the first worldwide initiative that brings together different countries under one flag, the flag that has hydrogen at the core as a vector of change.”

“Together, we will walk firmly and will not lose focus; we will promote hydrogen proliferation to enable and accelerate the reduction of worldwide carbon emissions and to reset the climate-change clock. Today, we reach a profound compromise to better our world for generations to come.”


Hydrogen Denmark CEO Tejs Laustsen Jensen said, “The global collaboration on hydrogen and Power-to-X is vital in ensuring the expansion and scale-up of hydrogen technologies, that are imperative in combating climate change.”

“We need green energy in all parts of the energy system on both production and consumption, and Denmark and the Danish Hydrogen industry will be at the forefront of this effort, but overall success will only come through a strong global cooperation, and that is why GHIAA is so important and why Hydrogen Denmark is proud to be a founding member.”


China’s IHFCA Secretary-General Wang Ju said, “The development and application of hydrogen energy, and fuel cell technology in transportation, power generation and other fields can effectively reduce carbon emissions and oil consumption.”

“As a terminal energy source in the process of carbon peak and carbon neutralization, hydrogen has huge application space and can promote the widespread use of renewable energy. The development and application of fuel cell technology is one of the important ‘levers’ to promote the transformation and upgrading of China’s automobile industry.”


Singapore HFCAS President Noel Chin said, “HFCAS champions ground-up initiatives for our members in areas of safety standards applicable to Singapore environment, industry-relevant courses to raise the skillsets of our workforce, and creating greater awareness about Hydrogen and Fuel Cell development and applications through our outreach programs and events.”

“HFCAS recognizes the importance of being plugged into the global hydrogen network, and the GHIAA is an excellent initiative from H2 Korea to bring together the various associations under one umbrella to strengthen partnerships, exchange of information, and opportunities for collaboration.”


U.S. FCHEA President Frank Wolak commented, “The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) is proud to be a founding member of the GHIAA.”

“International coordination and collaboration will be critical to advancing this industry which has immense potential to drive global decarbonization and economic growth. We look forward to working with H2KOREA and the other leaders within GHIAA to bring success across this innovative industry.”


UK HFCA CEO Celia Greaves said, “The UK has ambitious targets for hydrogen in delivering net-zero, with up to 35 percent of final energy consumption anticipated to be from hydrogen by 2050. Industry and Government are working together to scale up both production, technology, supply chains, and the demand side,”

“International collaboration will be key to meeting our objectives, and the UK HFCA is delighted to be one of the founding members of the GHIAA.”