The AfD-Kreisverband of the Bundestag faction boss, Alice ryegrass in addition to the large donation from Switzerland to party information, a further sum of money of 150,000 euros from abroad. These came from Belgium, but was from a lack of clarity about the origin returned, informed the AfD in Berlin.

About the receipt of payment had initially researched the Research network of the süddeutsche Zeitung, NDR and WDR. The media were claims to on Wednesday a request to the AfD. The amount went to the party information on the 13. February 2018 in the case of the AfD-Kreisverband Bodenseekreis. On 9. May had been paid back the amount in full to the sender.

party donations from Belgium, an EU country, are legally permitted. Amounts above 50,000 euros must be made by the Bundestag administration reported. The Transfer from Belgium reported the AfD was not given to the Bundestag administration.

The operation was the AfD Federal Executive Board has been informed on Tuesday by representatives of the County Board, informed the party. AfD Federal Executive Hans-Holger Malcomeß the Bundestag administration on the same day.

donations to the AfD – public Prosecutor’s office determined against Alice ryegrass To donations from Switzerland, the AfD group chief is suspected to have against the party law. The money you have for the election campaign. © Photo: Bernd von Jutrczenka

As sender of the wire Transfer to the AfD, the Stichting both left and right wing Europe was given, according to the AfD, “apparently a Belgian Foundation”. The money may be accepted after evaluation of the party as a donation. “However, the AfD-kreisverband bodenseekreis could find neither the donor identity of the donor motivation, without a doubt, which is why he ultimately decided, the money not accept. For this reason, no display, after paragraph 25, paragraph 3, sentence 2 of the party was the law, stated the party.

The paragraph of the paragraph regulates the conditions under which the parties to donations from abroad, may accept, for example, if there are donations out of the assets of a German or other EU citizen.

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