The case of the allegedly illegal donation to the AfD is increasingly enigmatic. The managing Director of the Swiss company, from which the money flowed to the AfD-kreisverband lake Constance, want to have the money only “in a fiduciary capacity for a business friend” referred to me. The Board of Directors of the company PWS Pharma whole sale International in Zurich, said, according to the Research Association of NDR, WDR and süddeutsche Zeitung.

according to The report, transferred to PWS in the summer of 2017, a total of more than 132,000 Euro, divided into 18 tranches, to the circle of the Association of former AfD’s top candidate in the Federal election, Alice ryegrass. Today, she is Co-chair of the AfD group in the Bundestag. According to NDR, WDR and süddeutsche Zeitung is the Name of the pharmaceutical company is at least on the statements of account of the AfD County Association of lake Constance.

The PWS Board of Directors explained now according to the research compound, the managing Director of the company was not even clear that the money went to an account of the AfD. “We just have to get the account number and the Text ‘election campaign donation for Ms. rye'”, is quoted by the Board of Directors. The company then forwarded the donations. The PWS-chief I want to do a business friend a Favor. Who was this friend, he could not say. The company Director was today, went to the Bank to clarify the issue.

PWS only a “small Carriage”, said according to the report, the Board of Directors. You just produce a product, “juice”. The Manager was a pharmacist from Zurich and not an Extremist. He had links with the AfD “nothing in the hat”, but am politically “in the vicinity of the FDP (…), even a little”.

The acceptance of the donation by the AfD is likely to be a breach of the party law. According to the Bundestag administration, the party donations from countries outside the EU may not be so accepted, also from Switzerland. Illegal party donations should be promptly returned or the President of the Bundestag discharged directed. According to NDR, WDR and SZ, the AfD received the donations from July to September, 2017, repaid the money by mid-April 2018.

The Federal administration has called on the AfD to give an opinion within four weeks. Rye self-excludes, according to its own statement of personal consequences: The money is not flowing to you as a Person, but on the ordinary account of the regional Association lake Constance, she said in Berlin.

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