dubious had referred the affair to a major donation in the amount of 130,000 Euro, the previously unknown patrons in 2017 on the accounts of a Swiss pharmaceutical company, to the district Association of AfD group’s boss, Alice rye, has called the party now apparently for the first time name.

As of the on Wednesday published the accountability report of the AfD for the year 2017, the tribe of the money originally “several people”, which were “German nationals or EU citizens”. The identities of the payers had already been by the end of 2018, the administration of the German Bundestag informed, as well as the respective individual amounts. To donors for further details, the money will be in the AfD accountability report.

“man of straw donations” are not allowed

According to SPIEGEL information, to a total of 14 persons residing in Germany, Spain and Belgium. A request from the MIRROR to the names, number and places of residence of the alleged donor, an AfD spokesman gave on Thursday afternoon, unanswered.

The money had been transferred in the Bundestag election 2017 in Swiss francs and in several tranches, pieced on a campaign account of Weidels district Association. As the official sender is a pharmaceutical served company from Zurich, which had forwarded the amounts, but obviously only on behalf of an anonymous third party.

so-Called “straw-man donations,” in which the identity of the actual donor is deliberately obscured, are illegal. In spite of the dubious circumstances under which the Swiss donation in the case of the AfD was landed, transferred the party to the money only after months.

More dubious payments received

After a research team from NDR, WDR and “süddeutsche Zeitung” had made the process at the end of last year, publik, initiated the public Prosecutor’s office of Konstanz proceedings against ryegrass and Responsible of your AfD-district Association due to suspected violations of the party law.

The handling of the AfD with the donation of Switzerland caused a sharp criticism. So the Association lobby control demanded last year the resignation Weidels.

The crappy care from the Zurich was not the only dubious payment to Weidels AfD-district Association: In the year 2018 an additional 150,000 euros were there, had been transferred to a Dutch Foundation called “both left and right wing Europe”. Also, this Foundation has acted but apparently only as a transit station for anonymous third parties. On the question of the MIRROR, whether the money of the people come from Germany, replied to a Foundation representative at the time, “no.” Also the money from the Netherlands was referred back to the AfD-kreisverband only after prolonged Hesitation.

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