a Total of 40 migrants in five boats have been rescued on Christmas day in the English channel between Britain and France. Including several children. The Rescued were in spite of winter weather on the busy shipping route. The English channel between Calais and Dover is about 40 kilometres wide.

The migrants had been discovered in the night or the early hours of the morning, among other things, in inflatable boats. All were provided with medical treatment. According to the interior Ministry in London, said to originate from Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

French authorities were involved in the actions. They rescued six adults and two children from the sea 20 kilometers North of the port city of Calais. The boat of the Rescued had engine trouble.

migrants try to reach from the continent to the UK. Despite the cold weather, the number of Attempts have increased in the past few months, is it from the French side. The British Ministry of the interior spoke of organised crime. You will work closely with the French authorities to put the gangs.

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