The Germans flew in last summer, so much like never before. According to the Federal statistical office, flight schedule from April to October, started in the summer of 80.5 million people from the main German airports of a flight. The 2.4 million people, or three percent more than in the previous year, the authority reported in Wiesbaden. Of the Boom, however, have not benefited all of the goals equally.

the number of flights from Germany to a foreign country Increased. Between April and October, to 66.2 million people in other countries traveled, over 4.3 percent more than in the summer flight plan in 2017.

passengers were counted in front of all the tourist destinations in North Africa and Turkey (5,63 million), where the political crises of the previous years are a bit faded into the Background. As Tunisia (337.000) recorded a growth of 49.6 per cent, and Egypt (1.17 million) was up 38.3 percent. The number of passengers in Turkey rose by 20.1 percent and the neighboring Greece (3.45 million) also increased, with 15 percent.

in the main country of destination Spain wanted to continue to just under 10.5 million tourists, but this meant only a below-average growth of 1.8 per cent. On the Canary Islands (1.73 million) even wanted to be 1.7 per cent less passengers than in the previous year.

More loser of the USA (minus 6.7 percent , to 3.59 million) and the Caribbean Islands (minus 12.6 percent; 411.000), as well as the inner German air traffic , which lost 2.3 per cent (14.3 million).

Here is the Bankruptcy of Air Berlin, which had led to the beginning of the year 2018 to a thinned-out inner-German flight plan.

This is not to say, however, that the tourism in Germany has suffered – on the contrary, From January up to and including November 2018, the number of visitors increased in overnight stays compared to the prior year period by approximately four percent on 447,9 million, according to the Federal Statistical office on Monday. For the full year, the number of guest nights in Hotels, guesthouses and campsites, is expected to reach the record value of around 477 million.


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