Preparation time : 15 mins

cook Time : 15 min

Difficulty : easy

Ingredients for 2 people 200 g of pasta of durum wheat spaghetti or linguine (Italian brand preferred)2 beautiful slices of guanciale (cheek of pork, dried) – 1 egg and 2 jaunes60 g pecorino romanopoivre of the mill Step 1 : the guanciale

Cut the guanciale into pieces and melt in a frying-pan, in cold start, and sec. to Book the pieces, and the fat melted separately. In a round-bottomed bowl, beat the eggs, add 6 to 7 turns of freshly ground black pepper, pecorino cheese, finely grated. Whisk until you obtain a creamy consistency. Gradually add the fat of guanciale warm.

Step 2 : pasta

cook the pasta al dente (reserve 1 cup of the cooking water). In the pan on the stove over very low heat, pour the pasta, the sauce, the pieces of guanciale, add a few spoonfuls of the cooking water and mix quickly and vigorously, all for the mantecatura (the link between the pasta). It is necessary that this goes very quickly, and as it heats up very little, so that the egg is just starting to coagulate. Serve immediately, adding eventually a little pepper.

A recipe a bit rustic

Tommaso Melilli, Italian chef and culinary columnist for ” Slate “, has carried all his childhood, a suspicious glare on the food… until it is put to cook for himself. A way to regain his power. Fascinated by traditional recipes, he dedicates a cult to the one of the pasta carbonara which he sums up thus : “the raw egg, guanciale (cheek of pork dried), lots of pecorino romano, salty, lots of pepper. And, basta ! It was this recipe a bit rustic, which suits my mental structure, and who inspires me to be better. “

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