Almost one in every ten (9.4 per cent) from Germany, Patent pending have originated in 2016, by inventors with an immigrant background, reported the Institute of the German economy (IW) on Thursday in Cologne. In the year 2005 the share was at 6.1 per cent.

most of The inventors came from the East – and Southeast Europe, for example Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia or Russia. You were last logged in nearly 1000 patents. Inventors from the Arab and Turkish regions reported around 560 inventions.

Particularly strong growth in the IW observed by researchers in patent applications by resident in Germany and inventors with Indian roots: Between 2005 and 2016, the number of their patents have almost tripled. In the case of patents of inventors from the Chinese language region, doubled the number reported.

“to illustrate The results, the importance of the decision to skilled labour immigration law for Germany,” says study author Oliver Koppel. “This is the immigration of technical and scientific specialists, so, many potential inventors, simplify, and so the German innovation system strengths.”

the results must be considered, however, that the researchers only in a limited Form of backed-up data templates. Because an inventor must provide in the case of a patent application at the German Patent – and trademark office, in General, only the name and place of residence, but not their origin.

The IW researchers are attracted, therefore, to draw conclusions on the origin of the people because of their name. You programmed a first name database, and classified for more than 20.000 first names of the inventors, a total of 24 language. The researchers assumed that an inventor named Agnieszka has a high probability of Polish roots, Karl-Heinz, in contrast, German.

We have researched extensively in behalf of databases and birth registries, says Koppel, and rather, the procedure is restrictive in the sense that a Name had been assigned to in case of doubt the German-speaking countries. Example: The names of Thomas and Christian, give it also in other language, have you taken as a reference to a German origin.


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