In the patent dispute with Apple has obtained the chip manufacturer Qualcomm, according to their own information in court, that some models of the iPhone may not be sold in China. The effect of the prohibition of the Sale, however, is controversial.

Qualcomm has stated previously, a court had established in the city of Fuzhou, the infringement of two patents of the chip group. As a result, the sale of models of the iPhone 6S, 7, 8, and their greater versions as well as the last year released iPhone X had been prohibited. That would be the first major success for Qualcomm in the for more than a year of ongoing conflict.

Apple replied immediately that the iPhone will stay in all of the variants in the country. Go only to the more than a year old iPhone operating system, iOS 11 – the latest Version is iOS 12. In order for the sales ban would run into the Void.

dispute in China, touch-screen technologies

The dispute began a year ago, as Apple, Qualcomm sued with the accusation, the chip group demand to be high fees for the use of its patents. Apple argues that since the chip group intends to have no fixed price, but a percentage of the sale price of the devices, try to it to benefit unfairly from Apple’s own innovations. Qualcomm gets since then, no more money from the iPhone Contract and Apple has accused of infringement of various patents.

now in China affected patents, according to the specifications of Qualcomm technologies, with which the size can be adjusted from photos, and how to deal with Apps on the touch screen. The selection is a particular Affront to Apple – the group had the Touchscreen operation of the iPhone itself patented. “We will exhaust all our legal options in the courts,” said Apple.

finally, Qualcomm had accused Apple to have the confidential information of Qualcomm about Software Codes to competitors of Intel. Qualcomm is primarily known as a supplier of processors and radio chips, but also requires the invention of many other technologies in Smartphones.


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