The chip group Qualcomm has put before the court, contended successfully sales ban of several older models of the iPhone in Germany. According to the judgment, had been deposited as security securities in the value of 1.34 billion euros, said Qualcomm on Thursday.

The sales ban relates to the models of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, 8, and 8 Plus, and the iPhone X from 2017, the Apple has to offer.

The regional court of Munich on 20. December, the infringement of a Qualcomm patent by Apple found. The chip manufacturer got the rights, a ban on the sale to enforce, if he deposited the required safety performance. That is exactly what is done.

The company showed, however, different views on the extent of the prohibition of the Sale. Apple announced in December that it is only in the 15 German Apple Stores, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 is no longer sold. The iPhone was replaced by Apple in its range already by the XS. Qualcomm claimed, however, that the affected devices would have to be moved in with all of the retailers in Germany.

The dispute is not yet over

On a MIRROR-demand, it was said by Apple on Thursday as according to the judgment, that “all models of iPhone” mobile providers and other retailers for customers, remain available, “4300 locations across Germany”. Only the models of iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, it is no longer of the opinion that in the Apple Stores.

Apple has announced an appeal against the judgment of the district court. The safety performance of each 668,4 million euros for the two procedures, in which it went to the Qualcomm Patent, is intended to secure the iPhone-the group against potential losses, in case he should get into the process right at the end.

The Patent in question relates to a technology that adjusts the power consumption of telecommunications Chips, so that the battery lasts longer. From the perspective of Qualcomm, it is not possible to work around this Patent by a Software Change. The manufacturer of the corresponding component in the in Germany sold iPhones, the US-based company, Qorvo, refers in turn to the fact that you can use your own solution, the Qualcomm’s Patent-infringing. Qorvo not want to disclose the schematics but, if Qualcomm could get as a competitor to access it.

“The chamber has not clarified how exactly the technical design of this chip is”, had given the presiding judge Matthias Zigann at the time of sentencing. “If the defense can only be done by you revealed a secret”, it is necessary to lay it open to either – and then it was no longer a secret. “Or you do not revealed the secret, and then loses may be the process.” The court decided accordingly on the basis of Qualcomm’s presentation of the implementation of the technology.


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