Like many celebrities also Patton Oswalt hatred and hostility on the Internet is exposed. After a Twitter user counter threw in a tribute to his 2004 released movie, “I just realized why I was so happy that you died in ‘Blade Trinity'”, responded the 49-Year-old with a donation for the man – and called on his Fans to do likewise.

“This guy has just attacked me on Twitter, and I quipped,” wrote Oswalt to the incident. As he did, but then I looked at the Timeline of the man, he saw that he had big health problems. “Because I would be mad,” wrote Oswalt. To ease the plight of the man something, he suggested him to do something Good and donated, according to the “Washington Post” in 2000 dollars.

The call of the actor, many followed. The current status of the fundraising campaign: more than $ 30,000, and the trend is rising.

Also, Michael Beatty, the offended Oswalt, because of the US President, Donald Trump had criticized, commented in the meantime. He never would have thought that the actor would read his Tweet at all, he said, according to “Washington Post” in an Interview.

Beatty thanked Oswalt for him to Think. He had some of his positions, re-evaluate, said the 64-Year-old from Huntsville. The Best of what he learned: Oswalt have character.

The positive reactions of many people Beatty mean just as much as the donations. The money he needed to pay medical bills. Beatty should be short in front of his angry tweets from a two week stay in the hospital to come home. After complications in the treatment of his Diabetes disease, and blood poisoning, he was several days in a coma, so Beatty.


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