Paul Manafort, of imprisoned Ex-campaign Manager of U.S. President Donald Trump, has apparently confirmed to have during the US presidential election 2016 poll data to a Russian citizen. This US media reports citing a on Tuesday in the court-filed document. The contact person is Konstantin Kilimnik, a man with Connections to Russian intelligence services.

Manafort and the Deputy campaign Manager Rick Gates should have forwarded a private institution, the data collected in the spring of 2016, Kilimnik. A majority of the survey results was according to the “New York Times” in public. Manafort is said to have instructed Gates, the information to the Kremlin, near the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

Manafort and Kilimnik should have worked together for many years. The “Washington Post” had reported on E-Mails, in which Manafort also wrote in July 2016 Kilimnik, he could provide Deripaska with the Details of the election campaign.

now that the document presented was a proof that trump’s campaign may have been coordinated with the Russians, writes the New York Times. Whether US President, Trump was informed of the transfer of the survey data is unclear.

In the case of the made available court documents, it was a response to the allegation, Manafort have the US lied to investigators, even after he had agreed to make a cooperation with you. The files were blacked out according to media reports, is inadequate.

Manafort rejected the allegation of special investigator Robert Mueller, about his contact with Konstantin Kilimnik, the untruth told. He forgot during the hectic election campaign period, only Details, it said.

here you can read more about the background to the Russia affair: an Overview of What it

in the Russia affair, According to “New York Times” to Manafort and Kilimnik have a peace plan for the Ukraine are discussed. During the election campaign and the beginning of trump’s term in office, Russia and its allies, various plans for the Ukraine would have presented, to ease the sanctions after the annexation of the Crimea.

prosecutors and the media had in the past, already been several Meetings of the election campaign staff of Trumps with the representatives of Russia, open – including one with a Russian lawyer, who is said to have promised during a visit in New York’s Trump Tower, compromising deliver information to Hillary Clinton. The lawyer Natalia Wesselnizkaja was indicted on Tuesday for obstruction of Justice. The Prosecutor’s office in New York accuses her to have investigation in a money laundering case, disabled.

The 69-year-old Manafort since mid-June in prison. Trump had appointed the controversial lobbyist and political consultant in March 2016, his campaign team and him in June to head up. Only two months later, Manafort had to vacate the Post. Background allegations that he had based in the Ukraine million from slush funds. In a first process Manafort was spoken in this context, due to tax and Bank fraud guilty; the sentence has not yet been announced. In another case, known Manafort guilty.


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