The U.S. Department of justice, raises new allegations against former campaign chief of President Donald Trump, Paul Manafort. This is to have the investigators of the Russia-investigation “on a number of issues” lied to and his agreement with the justice is broken. According to a court document on Monday evening to the public and, among other things, by FBI special investigator Robert Mueller is signed. What the alleged obtain false testimony, remained unclear.

In September, had known Manafort in connection with his former lobbyists work in the Ukraine a conspiracy against the United States guilty and entered into a so-called plea deal with the Prosecutor’s office. In it, he agreed to cooperate in the investigation of possible illegal collusion between the Team of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump and the government in Moscow. So he wanted to turn a second process.

Manaforts lawyers have rejected allegations

The new allegations against their client Manaforts lawyers rejected in the court document. It is noted, also, that he has met several times with the investigators. He had put the government “accurate information” available “to fulfill his cooperation obligations,” it said in the statement annexed to the lawyers. The US authorities now see themselves, in turn, from any obligation, made Commitments, relieved.

Manafort was from March to August 2016, a member of trump’s campaign team, of which three months the head. In June 2016, he had participated in a Meeting with a Russian lawyer at the Trump Tower in New York, raising many questions. The eldest son of the current President, Donald Trump Jr., had agreed to the meeting with the lawyer, because to him, compromising had been promised Material about the rival of his father, democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. In an E-Mail to Trump, Jr. the speech is an attempt by the Russian government to help the older Trump. In Addition To Trump, Jr. and Manafort also took part Trumps son-in-law, Jared Kushner,.

Meanwhile, began on Monday another former campaign staff Trumps, George Papadopoulos, a two-week prison sentence for making a false statement. Papadopoulos has admitted to the FBI about his Russia-contacts lied to. Papadopoulos had brought the investigation to Russia affair. He had tried during the U.S. presidential election campaign of 2016, to arrange a Meeting between Trump and the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin, and met with informants, to contacts with the Russian intelligence had service.

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