The new CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak wants to prevail in the CDU for a change of course. In an Interview with the Germany radio Ziemiak announced a “new culture of discussion”. The CDU would have to raise its profile and unique Position, said Ziemiak.

The software wants to provide the Secretary-General for this purpose – as well as the new party Chairman Kramp-Karrenbauer – Annegret against the policies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He cited as examples of this dual citizenship, the Merkel in spite of a contrary vote at the Essen party Congress in 2016 was held.

On the question of what he would say to a Chancellor, who argue that the party was not the government, said Ziemiak: “Then we have supplied many of the arguments that she changes her mind. This is also a Secretary-General is there to talk about the work as it is Tacheles.”

According to Ziemiak the Christian would have to make the Democrats understand what they were. There is a lot of people, “to which we would like to choose, if you would like to see a clear profile,” he said, in terms of the voters lost by the CDU, the AfD and the Greens.

“A lot of hard work this party together”

In regard to individual party Kramp exits after the election-cart-Builder said Ziemiak, it is a “piece of work, keep the party together and to motivate those, who have wished for something else”. Both Friedrich Merz, as well as the other defeated candidate, Jens Spahn would have to play in the party still have a role.

Ziemiak since 2014-Chairman of the CDU youth organisation Junge Union and is regarded as a Confidant of the Minister of health, Jens Spahn. However, Kramp-karrenbauer suggested him as the new General Secretary, all wings of the party together. Ziemiak, who was Initially against it, under Kramp-karrenbauer Secretary-General, was elected with 62.8 percent, what he called on Twitter a “honest result”. Especially in Parts of the Junge Union his candidacy was well received. In some cases, has been advised him the choice with a view to adopt the mixed result in the first place.

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