The new Austrian child benefit rules for EU-citizens in breach in the opinion of the EU Commission on European law. The Brussels authority has initiated, therefore, a so-called infringement procedures against Austria, the child adapts for the payment of money to the cost of living in the state of residence of the child.

such A method by the EU in several steps. Therefore, Austria must now respond with a detailed reply. For this purpose, a EU country has in two months time.

The so-called indexation of the family allowance, it was decided last October by the Austrian Parliament. Even then, the EU had announced a review of the Case. The new regulation, foreign families, whose children live in the home will get only child benefit, which is adjusted to the in the respective countries cost of living. This has significant cuts, for example, for Hungarians and Slovaks.

In Germany, there was a discussion of such an approach. Here, the EU rejected last summer, the thought of revision. The German authorities have paid in the past year, child benefit in the amount of approximately 402 million euros abroad. Among the nearly 252.000 children, for the children, money to European countries or Turkey, was transferred, was formed by Polish children (123.855) is the largest group.


increase significantly The Remittances have increased in the past five years. 2012 was gone, according to information from the Federal government children’s allowance in the amount of approximately 75 million euros abroad.

The CSU had presented in June in the Federal Council a request for the adjustment of the amount of children’s allowance to the cost of living in the country in which the child lives. The Finance Committee however decided to postpone its discussions on the Initiative for an indefinite period of time. As a reason, the concerns of the EU Commission apply.

The authorities in Brussels are arguing with the logic that equal contributions should also lead to the same advantages. This is taken in the EU Commission, children’s allowance and other family benefits in countries such as Austria and Germany, only to those EU foreigners who make a Deposit in the respective social security system.


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