Elon Musk, has asked the court to do so, the action of the British diver Vernon Unsworth to dismiss, the Musk repeatedly as a paedophile had referred to. Musks lawyers argue that it was “full of fantasy, attacks”. These were offensive, but of the freedom of expression covered, even if they have no factual basis.

Musks “exaggerated” comments were merely a “schoolyard bickering” in the social media. On Twitter, participants would expect to read opinions instead of facts, and no one can seriously believe that the statements were true.

insult more than 22 million Twitter followers

The Tech billionaire had proposed during the rescue action for the youth soccer team, which had been included in June, water mass in a cave in Thailand, the use of a Mini-submarine. He was annoyed by the fact that Unsworth had criticized his proposal as a PR stunt, and has him referred in a Tweet to more than 22 million Twitter Followers without documents as a “pedophile”.

The Briton has rejected the accusations, and calls for, among other things, a payment of at least $ 75,000 (the equivalent of about 64,000 euros), as well as a ban for Musk to repeat the allegations.

Unsworths lawyer rejects the suggestion of Musk. This would condemn all judicial proceedings because of online of published, defamatory attacks to Fail. He was “confident that the court will reject this imaginative Position”.

A hearing is set for 1. April 2019 recognised.


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