The district would be in a constant exchange with the regional Association of the Metropolitan area of Braunschweig. With the introduction of a social ticket but several factors should be taken into account, the district informed on request of .

More: “on The one hand it is necessary to check whether the PT can afford the introduction of a social ticket, according to the current state at all. In the district of Peine, the public TRANSPORT is busy, after all, about 70 percent of the student traffic. In addition, other important infrastructure may structural decisions for an Expansion of the public TRANSPORT between Braunschweig and Hannover in their priority not the introduction of a social ticket to suffer. On the other hand, the counties as a carrier of social assistance would have to pay the Ticket.“

These additional costs would be, from a financial point of view, from the district of Peine is not currently displayed, without having to shorten tasks in other important areas (such as, for example, the Kita-promotion for the communities, conversion of schools from G8 to G9), or delete them altogether. For this reason, the district of Peine were the topic of the social ticket with the districts of Helmstedt and Goslar compliant and would not see its introduction for the time being.

This article has been written by Alexander Panknin

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