Actually, Donald Trump wants his state of the Union speech on 29. January. However, opposition leader Nancy Pelosi sets the US President under pressure: In the past decades, such a speech during a budget had never been lock on the US government.

Trump should postpone his “State of the Union”speech before Congress, calls for Pelosi, if the set-aside authorities to open again this week. Trump could submit his address in writing to the Parliament, provoked the leader of the Democrats, the President.

The current Shutdown lasts for more than three and a half weeks, making it the longest in the US history. Was caused by the dispute between Trump and the Democrats over the President’s $ 5.7 billion (five billion euros) required for a wall on the border to Mexico. The dispute prevented the adoption of a new budget law.

In her letter to Trump called Pelosi “security concerns” as a reason why the President should postpone the speech before the house of representatives and the Senate. It referred to the Etatsperre to the absence of financial resources for the security service, the Secret Service and the Department of homeland security. The Secret Service is for the protection of the President, as well as the coverage of his speech on the state of the Nation responsible.

The annual “State of the Union”speech of the President, has a long Tradition, which dates back to the beginnings of the United States at the end of the 18th century. Century dates back to.

The Democrats have since the beginning of the year, the majority in the house of representatives and so on has grown significantly. Of the financial blockade, about 25 percent of the Federal authorities, and about 800,000 Federal affected staff.


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